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for HPC Pro 


Handheld PC Pro, Arm1100 or Mips4000 processor only.


This is the main screen of the program when Operating.

By tapping on the Sat number  dropdown box with the stylus, you will be able select from any of the satellites found in the kep file. Keps are in a standard 2 line format, and are stored in a ordinary text file so that they can be easily updated by the user.

When the satellite is in view (Elevation above Zero) its Azm, and Elev are highlighted in red, and a (user changeable) sound is played as AOS occurs.

Some satellites have Beacon frequency, and operation mode information stored as well, and the doppler corrected beacon frequency is displayed as the sattelite moves. This information is stored in a text file, and can be updated by users.

The menu buttons to the right of the map display are used to select either the Setup options or to View either a different map view, or AOS/LOS predictions for the observer location.

The Setup screen  is used to set the observer location details, including latitude , longitude, height (ASL) and time offset from UTC.

Existing settings can be "read" from the file, modified, and "Saved", or you can "exit" without saving.

This is a view of the screen showing the AOS predictions for the selected satellite.

The default is for all passes to be shown in local time, however the check box can be cleared and pass timings shown in UTC.

The drop down combo box can select up to the next 7 days of AOS/LOS predictions.


This process is very processor intensive, and calculating a weeks worth of predictions may take up to 10 minutes (my Jornada 545 takes about 7 - 8 minutes to process weeks worth of predictions (auto power off is disabled while this is being processed)


Calendar Transfer

 ( Sorry I only have screenshots from a PPC for this function however it should still give you an idea of the functionality of this)

By tapping on the desired pass (predictions must be in local time) and then tapping the Calendar button, the times for the selected pass will be transferred to the HPC Calendar program, and an appointment set, with a reminder 15 mins prior to AOS. This will also be transferred to any desktop PC that the HPC calendar is synchronised with.

Screen shots below show the appointment set into HPC calendar program, and the appointment details.