Welcome to the ZL3AD Home Page

TrackSat/CE TTConfig/CE PPC Ham Links

Welcome to the new home page for Andy Davidson ZL3AD 

I am using this website to tell you a little about myself, and my Ham activities, as well as using it for supporting and distributing ham software that I have written for the Pocket PC

My main area of interest presently is APRS and Satellite Digital Modes

I am using UI-View  and AGWPE connected to a Baycom modem with an  ADI AT-18 5W VHF Handheld running into a 1/4 wave whip for my base setup.

When mobile I use my FT100 connected to my GPSTracker 

And portable I use a Kenwood TH-D7E(G),  Navman 4400, and APRS/CE running on an iPaq 54500

This page was last updated on 14-Nov-2007.