Morse Code Ringing Tone for a mobile phone

(C) Andrei Chatalov, de ZL1TM

If you have a mobile phone with ability do download ringing tones, you can try to create a ringing tone which sounds like Morse Code. I have created one for myself and now my phone rings with my callsing. I have Nokia 6310 phone and created my ringing tone with  Nokia PC Composer.

Then I started to look at an option to create Morse Code ringing tones automatically. I looked at various ringing tone formats and thought that RTTTL (Ringing Tone Text Transfer Language) format would be the easiest to use. RTTTL is very simple and Google search will reveal you a number of references to it. I have written a script that creates RTTTL ringing tone, so here we are. I have to warn you that from this point you will do everything at your own risk and I can not be held responsible for any damage you will do to your mobile phone.

Ringing Tone Name

Up to 10 characters

Enter Speed

Between 100 and 200. 120 sounds optimal to me.

Enter Octave

5: A=440Hz, 6: A=880Hz, 7: A=1.76 kHz, 8: A=3.52 kHz

Enter Text to Convert to CW Ringing Tone

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