RCA Tactec* UHF FM Portable Radio


*"TACTEC = Totally Advanced Communications Technology"
(RCA manual IB8028102-1)



The American built RCA Tactec was a UHF FM portable radio introduced into NZ Police service in 1977. It replaced the three channel GEC Courier VHF AM portable which operated in the 139 MHz band and had proved less than satisfactory.

The Tactec had eight channels and operated on frequencies in the UHF "D" band (461-470 MHz). Within a few years UHF repeaters were installed in urban areas and repeater linking allowed direct communication with vehicle radios operating in the VHF band. TacTecs remained in service until 1992 when the radio network was upgraded and the UHF service was transferred to a 485MHz voting system.

Constable using Tactec
portable on beat duty

Police Bulletin Article
May 1977






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