Tactec "Hands Free" operation

The "hands free" audio accessories were used by Dog handlers, Armed Offender Squads, and in situations where the use of a standard microphone/loudspeaker combination was not possible.

The equipment consists of an earplug, throat microphone and a push to talk switch which could be concealed in a pocket or taped to the thumb for easy access while holding a firearm or dog leash. For safety reasons, when the user was likely to become involved in violent situations, the more discreet earplug was replaced by an ear-piece which fitted against the outside of the ear (pictured).

An inductively coupled earpiece was also used by some armed offender squad staff. This earpiece, which looked similar to a "behind the ear" hearing aid, had no physical connection with the radio. Instead of a wire connection the equipment used an inductive coupler attached to the radio which radiated the audio signal to a receiver in the earpiece.

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