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This web site is mostly about new, different, and specialized radio communication modes. The emphasis is on modes which I have influenced in some way during development. There are digital chat modes and visually readable modes for LF, HF and VHF.

There is also a section on propagation studies, and some fascinating micro-controller projects to build. The site also hosts Amateur PC software developed by Con Wassilieff ZL2AFP/ZL2EE.

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- My Comms Receiver Collection -

Receiver Collection
A collection of more than 40 classic and interesting receivers from 1924 to today, with descriptions, photographs and other information.

- Fuzzy Modes -

Hellschreiber reception
The modes described here are visually readable, rather than interpreted by electronics or computer. Although some of the modes are new, the idea isn't, and all are fascinating. This is the acknowledged premier site for Hellschreiber techniques.
Introduction     Feld-Hell     PSK- & FM-Hell     MT-Hell

- MFSK Modes -

A robust multi-tone FSK mode
Most of these modes are for conversation between two or more Amateurs. The emphasis is on performance, especially with low power or under poor radio conditions. This is the official source of MFSK16, DominoEX, EXChat and WSQ documentation.
Introduction     MFSK16     DominoEX     EXChat     WSQ & WSQCall     FSQ & FSQCall     MEPT-JT

- NBTV Modes -

Narrow Band TV is similar to SSTV, except that sequential frames are transmitted, and the emphasis is generally on speed (in order to provide realistic motion) rather than image resolution. Several different and highly successful full colour modes are presented.
Introduction     Analog OFDM NBTV     Digital NBTV     Hybrid FM NBTV

- The Ionosphere -

Peter G3PLX's Chorp Sounding
An extensive introduction to ionospheric propagation. A small collection of techniques and ideas to assist understanding and monitoring of ionospheric propagation. The techniques include passive chirp sounding, PN ranging, narrow-band digital and carrier frequency Doppler analysis.
Introduction     Chirp Sounding     Precision Carrier Analysis     Ranging Techniques     Digital Propagation Logging

- Software -

ZL2AFP and Zl1BPU software
Here you will find the most complete collection of radio software from Con ZL2AFP, including CMSK, DominoEX, the Narrow Band TV modes, and a collection of useful utilities. There is also a selection of utilities by Murray ZL1BPU.
Introduction     Clicklock     CMSK for LF/MF     DominoEX
    MSK-Hell for LF/MF     Narrow Band TV     PSK Sounder     MEPT Tools     FSQCall     WSQCall

- Other Projects -

A Communications Receiver collection you can browse on-line or visit in person. Full construction details of a transverter and transmitter for the 630 metre band.

Receiver Collection     MF Transverter & Transmitter

Adaptations for surplus high stability Rb references; recycling crystal-controlled HF SSB radios for Amateur bands; transmissions for investigating radio propagation; my MEPTs in detail.

Rubidium Synthesizers     Recycled Radios     ZL1EE MEPT Transmitters     New GPSDO (Arduino based)
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- Documents and Publications -

Selected Amateur Radio related documents by ZL1BPU.

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