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A range of specialized operating modes and radio-related software tools


Con ZL2AFP has written a vast array of intriguing software for the Windows PC, including operating modes such as DominoEX and three NBTV modes. The two latest are the amazing FSQCall selective calling system for low HF, and the companion program WSQCall for LF/MF. He has also a range of useful tools, especially for sound card applications.

Murray ZL1BPU writes PC software to support FSQCall, WSQCall and various other projects.

This is the only place on the web where you will find all this software together. In this section you see a complete summary of what is available, plus links to pages relating to programs which merit more explanation. The combined software - firmware AVR Micro Projects have their own special page.

The list below is in alphabetical order. Where there's no other documentation or web page, use the notes included in the list.

FSQCall is a Fast Simple QSO mode for low HF. It uses simple chat technology, and provides slick, low error-rate performance under NVIS conditions. Better still, it acts as a Link Establishment system with the ability to selectively call and communicate with other stations. This includes the ability to send and receive files and pictures.


WSQCall is a Weak Signal QSO mode for LF/MF. Like FSQCall, it uses simple chat technology, and provides slick, low error-rate performance with extremely weak signals. A parallel development to FSQCall, it uses the same protocol and commands, including the ability to send and receive files. The bandwidth of the transmitted signals is just 50 Hz.


Clicklock - ZL2AFP
Clicklock is an amazingly sensitive system for LF reception. It uses GPS locking and allows synchronous reception of very weak but highly stable signals on LF and MF. The software is able to integrate carrier phase and power over long periods, and the sensitivity is only limited by system stability.

Introduction - includes PDF manual - latest version

CMSK for LF and MF - ZL2AFP
MSK is widely used for commercial and military communications on MF, LF and VLF. There's no reason why Amateurs should not also enjoy this interesting mode. This software is a fully-fledged QSO (chat-mode) example of MSK's capability. The software is especially designed for QSOs on Amateur LF and MF bands. No, it won't decrypt those military transmissions!

CMSK Introduction and software

DominoEX - ZL2AFP
The most recent version of ZL2AFP's DominoEX chat program for the lower HF bands. DominoEX is fast and very robust. This version includes an automatic FEC option, and a range of useful metrics which are not seen in other programs.


Generators - ZL2AFP
Two sound card signal generator programs, for general purpose use or as carrier sources for transmission. 'Generator' is a straight sine wave generator with 0.1Hz steps and 0.1dB level steps. 'Generator_cwid' is similar, but includes the ability to send a Morse ID using FSK, at any speed, shift and interval you like. This second program works well as a QRSS source, or as a standard frequency transmission with a transmitter locked to a traceable reference. Read and edit the contents of the included '.set' file. There's no help file or documentation, but you'll soon work it out. includes both programs

GPS Nixie Clock - ZL2AFP
This is a PC screen clock - looks like an old HP instrument with Nixie display, very realistic! It can be controlled by PC time or GPS NMEA time via a serial port. Edit 'GPS_clock.set' to set the com port, and right-click on the application screen to set the options.

Ruby - ZL1BPU
Two programs designed to control the Frequency Electronics FE-5650A and FE-5680A Rubidium Synthesizers. Correctly modified, these will operate from 1kHz to 15MHz in 0.01Hz steps, with Rubidium stability. RUBY4 is a simple frequency controller, while RUBYP2 adds a smart beacon controller for QRSS operation on LF and HF.

Introduction to FEI units and software controller software
Project TF.5 RUBYP2 ordering information

MSK-Hell for LF and MF - ZL2AFP
MSK is widely used for commercial and military communications on MF, LF and VLF. One of the first uses of Hellschreiber technology by radio was in the 1930s, also on LF. ZL2AFP has combined these notions to provide a very useful keyboard communications system for LF and MF Amateur bands. The sensitivity is very good, and tuning is easy.

MSK-Hell Introduction and software

Narrow Band TV offers a way to transmit full-colour moving pictures on HF with a conventional SSB transmitter. There's a complete and comprehensive section all about the three modes of frame sequential NBTV developed by Con ZL2AFP. The software's all there! See the introduction first of all.

Digital NBTV
Hybrid FM NBTV

Sounder - ZL2AFP
Sounder is a sophisticated ionospheric ranging system able to measure the delay over ionospheric paths, using pseudo-random number (PN) techniques. It has high sensitivity, is quite robust, with a delay measurement range of 13ms and resolution of 500us.

Sounder software
Sounder Help files

Tools - ZL2AFP
VMEPT Controller is a simple application designed to operate a Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter, allowing visually detected slow very low power transmissions to be generated automatically by PC. It is designed to work with DF6NM Chirppix, and allows adjustable transmit and receive duration based on WAV files.

WYSIWYG MEPT Controller has a similar purpose, but has the unique aspect that the patterns are designed on the screen - it's 'WYSIWYG'. MEPT Controller is extremely versatile, and can be used to generate DFCW for QRSS60 just as easily as QRSS3 image patterns. Importantly, it only transmits one tone at a time, so can be used with non-linear transmitters.

Introduction to VMEPT Controller controller software

Introduction to WYSIWYG MEPT Controller MEPT controller software

PTT Toggle is a PTT control for any program not itself equipped for PTT control.

PTT PTT control

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