YV5EN - Ham Radio Web Page
(former YV5HUJ 1979 to dec 2011)
Caracas, Venezuela, South America, Locator FK60ol, CQ-09, ITU-12
YV5EN - Ham Radio Web Page
CW Forever

 YV5EN, 4M5EN, YV5HUJ & YW5R Club Log Search engines and OQRS (Online QSL Requests), updated once a week:
YV5EN (from January 2012 onwards). It also includes YV5EN/QRP
    YW5R (Nov 26-27 1983 and from Oct 24 2018 onwards)
    4M5EN (2015-2018)
    YV5HUJ (1979-2011) It includes YV5HUJ/QRP
  Search YW5R, 4M5EN & YV5EN CW contest QSO recordings archive:
(Thanks Vasiliy K3IT for QSOrder program & search service).
I apologize if I couldn't hear you well.
I suffer from hearing a constant high-frequency tone “in both ears” that is not generated by any external source. This is called Tinnitus.

Warning: This high-frequency noise I hear could injure your ears.

Instagram: @YV5EN
Twitter: @YV5EN
Fediverse: @[email protected]
Web: www.qsl.net/yv5en