YV5EN - Two way CW QSLs
(former YV5HUJ 1979-2011)
Caracas, Venezuela, South America.
Locator FK60ol, CQ-09, ITU-12

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I just want to share with you this QSL card gallery. Here you will find some of my contacts with different DXCC entities (just one card for each entity).
I especially want to thank all the Ham Radio operators who sent me their QSL cards so I´m very proud to have each of them as the valuable trophy that they are for me. I regret that it is not possible to display all of them here.

Comparto con todos ustedes esta pequeña galería de tarjetas QSL. Aquí encontrará una muestra de algunos de mis contactos con diferentes entidades DXCC (sólo una tarjeta por cada entidad).
Especialmente quiero agradecer a todos los radioaficionados que me han enviado sus tarjetas QSL. Estoy muy orgulloso de poseerlas ya que cada una de ellas representa un valioso trofeo para mi. Lamento que no sea posible mostrarlas todas aquí.

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DXCC Entities (QSLed two way CW)


QSLed two way CW, via LoTW (ARRL Log of The World).
I really appreciate physical QSL cards (paper). If your callsign is listed here I kindly ask you to send me your card. Via IARU Bureau is fine. Tnx ;)


Deleted Entities (QSLed two way CW)


Total two way CW DXCC Entities QSLed:   311 / 303 (All entities / Current)

Entities not valid for ARRL-DXCC, two way CW

Find out Sealand (www.sealandgov.org) in Google Earth clicking here (please set the "Buildings 3D" view on).
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DXCC entities that are not QSLed or have not yet been contacted: 37
? -  Spratly Islands FT5X -  Kerguelen Island V8 -  Brunei
3W, XV -  Viet Nam JD1 -  Minami Torishima VK0 -  Macquarie Island
3Y -  Bouvet Island JD1 -  Ogasawara VK9N -  Norfolk Island
3Y -  Peter 1 Island JX -  Jan Mayen 9M6 -  East Malaysia
KH1 -  Baker & Howland Islands VP8 -  South Orkney Islands AP -  Pakistan
KH3 -  Johnston Island VR -  Hong Kong BS7H -  Scarborough Reef
KH4 -  Midway Island XF4 -  Revillagigedo BV -  Taiwan
KH7K -  Kure Island XW -  Laos BV9P -  Pratas Island
KH9 -  Wake Island XZ -  Myanmar CE0X -  San Felix Island
P5, HM -  DPRK (North Korea) YK -  Syria ET -  Ethiopia
PY0T -  Trindade & Martim Vaz Is. ZL9 -  New Zealand Subantarctic Is. FH -  Mayotte Island
SV/A -  Mount Athos ZS8 -  Prince Edward & Marion Is. FT5W -  Crozet Island
T5 -  Somalia