Solar flux-, A- and K-index. Solar Terrestrial Activity Report Today's Space Weather Near-Real-Time MUF Map 50 MHz propagation Report.


 Propagation Mail List Reflectors -- Several to choose from includes Subscription Info

QST HF Propagation Prediction Charts -- MUF, Best Propagation Paths and Times -- PDF Files -- From the ARRL

Solar Flux Graphs --By WN6K, Paul

Easy Quick Explanation Of Propagation -- From IPS Radio & Space Services

Basics of Radio Wave Propagation

Propagation Primer -- Excellent From AE4RV

Excellent Propagation Info -- By Geoffrey Noles, AE4RV

Latest Solar Report -- Nice Charts and Graphs - From DXLC, Jan Alvestad

Latest Solar Report -- Updated every 5 minutes -- From NOAA Space Environment Center

D-Region Absorption Prediction - From The NOAA/Space Environment Center

Space Weather Now - Geomagnetic Storms; Solar Radiation Storms; Radio Blackouts; Latest Alert, Warning, or Watch; Solar Cycle Progression and much much more on Ol Sol


Solar Activity -- Excellent From Dan, W3DF

Propagation Center -- Excellent From NW7US, Tomas

27 Day HF Propagation Prediction Chart -- From Paul, AA1LL

PROPAGATION -- Hottest new propagation page on the web. Contains many indicies and reports that are dynamically updated as soon as new information is available. -- From QSL.NET

Propagation Studies Committee - RSGB -- By Martin Harrison G3USF

IPS Support for HF Radio in North America -- From Australia

IPS Support for HF Radio World Wide -- From Australia

Propagation From QSL.NET

Non-Ducting Tropo Propagation -- From M1BWR

Radio Propagation Sources -- From Radio Netherlands

All About Sunspots & The Solar Cycle -- From  - A goodie on ol sol

Skywave Technologies -- Propagation Tutorial & Programs

Solar Activity -- Via NB6Z

Radio Propagation Conditions From Ham Radio On-Line

Propagation Topics -- Via The Space Environment Center -- Includes a GLOSSARY OF SOLAR-TERRESTRIAL TERMS

Propagation Glossary -- From The Basics of Radio Wave Propagation Pages

ARRL Propagation Forecasts.

Solar flux A & K -- Summaries by calendar quarter --1994 to 1997

Propagation Forecast By AD5Q. -- No Longer Active -- But has 11 Years of Monthly Propagation Reports

Solar flux A & K -- Current Months Solar data -- See -- quar_DGD.txt -- quar_DPD.txt -- quar_DSD.txt

Solar Flux Graphs -- from The CT1BOH Web Site

Solar Images -- Fantastic Shots of Ol Sol

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report -- By Jan Alvestad -- Recent solar and geomagnetic data (updated daily); Solar WIND and electron fluence charts (updated daily); Solar cycles 21-23, [Solar cycles 1-20; Graphical comparison of cycles 21, 22 and 23

160 Meter Propagation Discussions

Top Band Propagation

Long Delayed Echo (LDE) -- From EA6VQ



W6ELProp™ -- By Sheldon C. Shallon, W6EL - predicts ionospheric (sky-wave) propagation between any two locations on the earth on frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz.

ACE-HF --  Professional Propagation Software for HF Radio Operators


Kangaroo Tabor Software -- WinCAP Wizard, CAPMan, Active Beacon Wizard -- Propagation and Beacon Programs

VOACAP -- Voice of America - Propagation Prediction Program

High Frequency Propagation Models -- U.S. Department of Commerce NTIA/ITS -- About a dozen or so to choose from

KU5S -- Communications Analysis Prediction Wizard

Skywave Technologies -- Propagation Tutorial & Programs

Gray Line Map Program -- By PA3CQR

HF Prediction Software -- From IPS Radio & Space Services

Visual Meteor --Download latest V4.3 release 3 VM-Soft

VHF Solar Activity, Aurora & Meteor Scatter Pages



The Aurora Page

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)