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IASI is the capital city of the county having the same name and also of Moldavia (Moldova) region in the north-eastern part of Romania. It is located mainly in the KN37sd and KN37td squares.


  • Summer temperature: 25°C - 35°C (77°F - 95°F)
  • Winter temperature: 5°C - 15°C ( 23°F - 5°F)


  • The County population - 772,348 inhabitants - 1st in the country
  • Iasi population - 290,422 inhabitants in 2011; the 4th in the country after Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara + 58.000 students.
  • Population density - 141.1 inhabitants/km2.
  • Young population - Iasi(0-25 years old): 43% (the 1st place in the country).