Kenwood Radio Programming



Below information are tested by me, everything is free for download. Enjoy it.

Universal USB interface for Kenwood - only for Windows programming software. Prolific driver needs to be installed. Tested with FT232RL USB/TTL adapter.
MAX232 serial interface for Kenwood - possible to be used with MS-DOS and Windows programming software. Tested using CH340 USB/RS232 adapter or native COM port (madantory for DOS version).


The software is provided with license key. Check "serial key.txt" file located inside of ZIP file.

KPG-27D v5.0 for TK260/270 (without G) and next Radios. Note: this is DOS software and for best result is necessary MS-DOS environment. Using Win XP and Pentium 1.8GHz, i didn't succeed to read 100%. Maybe DOSBOX can help to decrease CPU speed.
Working only with MAX232 and native COM port.

KPG-55D v4.2 for TK2107 and next Radios. Tested with Windows 7 and USB/TTL interface.

KPG-56D v4.22 for TK260G/270G and next Radios Mobile or Portable (UHF versions are also supported). Tested with Windows 7 and USB/TTL interface.

KPG-82D v2.11 for TK2160 and next Radios. Tested with Windows 7 and USB/TTL interface. License key provided for "engineering level". Useful when radio is protected by read/write password. How to find password: my TK2160 old password example.
After that it is possible to disable the password. Clear all password fields and try to "write" the radio. The radio will ask once again for old password before to be disabled.









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