Be sure to check the web addresses (if listed) for more detailed information about each certificate or award. If you know of any other YL-related certificates/award not listed below, email me.

Belgium Amateur Radio YL Club/Award :
You need 15 points. A contact with a Belgian YL counts 3 points and the club station ON4YLC counts for 6. You can work the same YL on different bands. CC is Ingrid Leydens, ON1DXX.
Note: The link for this site is no longer valid. Anyone with a current webpage or info, let me know.

Buckeye Belles:
Ohio stations need 12 confirmed contacts with members; other U. S. stations need 8 confirmed contacts, and DX stations need 4 confirmed contacts. Fee is $1.00 and CC is Jean Ruth, KB8YHN.

For the basic BYLARA Award, you need to work 10 YL BYLARA members to include at least 6 British YLs.
For the Advanced BYLARA Award, you need 20 YL BYLARA members in Britain.
For the Scottish BYLARA Award, you need 4 GM YL BYLARA members. (Europeans need more contacts)
CC is Gill Sendell G0WAU.

Number 1 - CLARA Certificate
Number 2 - DXCC-YL Certificate or Engraved Plaque
Number 3 - CLARA Family Certificate
Number 4 - CLARA 10 DX-YL Certificate
Number 5 - WAZ-YL Certificate or Engraved Plaque

CWSP - Diploma CWYL (Sao Paulo CW group --Argentine)
Granted to hams and SWL that to prove 2-way contacts on CW with 5 (five) operators (YL) Brazilian, being 1 (one) pertaining one to the picture of operators of the CWSP. Valid contacts from 15/10/1976. Endorsements: (3) to each new YL, also being valid stations (YL) DX.

50 contacts with 50 YL in 50 different EWWA's countries.

EU-YL Award:
This is sponsored by CQ Magazine, published in Europe, and it requires contacts with one French YL, 20 European YLs and one European YL who has either participated or gone on her own DXpedition.

Finnish YL Award:
The Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL) have four different YL awards. The target is to work as many OH YL stations as possible.
Send applications to the address: SRAL/YL Manager, P.O. Box 44, FIN-00441 Helsinki, Finland. Award fee is 5 euros, 8 USD or 10 IRC per award.

YL's of France Award
May be claimed for having contacted/heard and received QSL cards from YL stations as follows:
1st Class - prove contact with 5 French YL stations and one YL on each of 5 different continents for a total of 10 cards.
2nd Class - prove contact with 100 YL's including 5 French YL's and a minimum of 5 YL's on 3 different continents. (100 cards)
3rd Class - prove contact with 500 YL's including 5 different French YL's and all 6 continents must be represented.
For VHF operation and above, "continents" are replaced by DXCC countries. Include the French department of the FrenchYL's and country of the other YL's. (CHG 97)

Grandmother's Certificate:
Work 1O YLs who already hold the certificate. A gold seal is available for working 5 great-grandmothers.
Fee is $1.00 plus an SASE. CC is Phyllis Douglas, K7SEC

HA-YL Award:
The HA-YL Award is issued by the YL-Commitmittee of Hungarian Radioamateur Society (MRASZ) and the HA-YL Club. It can be obtained by any licenced radioamateur or SWL station for confirmed two-way contact with different HA-YL station station of HA-YL stations in the three categories, as follows: HF, VHF, MIXED. The applications and fees have to be send to HA-YL-Awards manager: HA5FQ Budapest. XVIII. Nagybánya u. 68. H-1185.

Italiano YLRC:
The EUROYL Award is issued for contacts with YLs from 20 European countries, with stickers available for each a additional 2O countries. Fee is S13.00 or 20 IRCs. Last known CC was Adriana Parducc, IK5MEQ.

Nobuko, JA3UPR, is CC for the YL-CW; Junko, JE3LFH, is CC for YL-10, and Matiko, JH6BGJ, is CC for YL-AA/YL-JCC/JCG/JCK.

Korean Ladies ARC Award
Class A: From each call area HL1, HL2, HL3, HL4, HL5, HL8 (Portable) and HL0 (club station), collect a QSL card from a YL operator, YL's operating from a club is ok, and YL station operating Portable in a needed district is ok.
Class B : Collect 15 different YL operator, HL0 YL operator is valid from a club station Contacts after 1. jan.1985, SWL ok,

Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs (SYLRA) YL Award -- see Finnish YL Award

WARO AWARD - HF section, VHF section, SWL
NZWARO Century Award - Contacts with 100 NZWARO members
Mountain Buttercup Award - Contact with NZWARO members in at least 30 different towns or cities on the official list.
THE WARO Achievement Award
YL 2000 Award - valid from Aug 1, 2000 - Oct 15, 2000

You need to work 5 QCWW members. All Contacts must be After Nov 1, 1979 and contact must be a member at the time the contact was made.

Work 6 members in at least 3 different New England States. A gold sticker is added when all 6 states (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI and CT) have been worked. Custodian: Betsey Sproles, KA1VAX.

DX-YL - Work 25 different YLs outside your own country
YL Century Club - Work 100 different YLs
YL DXCC - Work YLs from 100 different countries
WAC-YL - Work a YL in 6 different continents
WAS-YL - Work a YL in each of the 50 states of the USA

Thanks to Kay Eyman WA0WOF for the YL certificate page she put together which helped me get this list going.

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