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Women Radio Operators of New England

Membership is open to any licensed female amateur radio operator who lives in the 6 New England states.

WRONE was founded in 1956 to:

Annual dues are $10.00. For more information contact: wrone@qsl.net

Miss WRONE's Chatter, the quarterly newsletter, is sent to all members.

Meetings are held at least twice a year, usually on the first Saturdays of May and November.

WRONE sponsors the "Yankee Lassies Net" on 3.912+/- every Wednesday at 8:30 am ET - open to all YLs.

WRONE offers a certificate to any licensed operator for making contact with 6 members located in at least 3 of the NE states. A gold sticker is issued when contacts have been made with the remaining states.

WRONE is affiliated with Young Ladies' Radio League and sponsors 3 DX members into YLRL.