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QSL Cards
Radio hobbyists - or as we are commonly known, DX'ers - collect verification cards and letters from radio stations around the world.  Clandestines are among the hardest to verify and arguably have the most interesting stories.  Click on the images below to get a view of various QSLs and read a bit about the story of each station. 
Voice of the Libyan People 1988 (Chad)
La Voz del CID 1994 (El Salvador)
Radio Americas 1966 (Honduras)
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 Voice of Tibet 1992 (Seychelles)
 Radio Marti 1994 (USA)
La Voz de la Fundacion 1994 (USA)
Voice of Abkhazia 1996 (de facto government)
Radio Impacto  1987  (Costa Rica)
This link goes to an article by Don Moore
Voice of Democratic Eritrea 1997 (Sudan)
 Sources: Jerry Berg, Don Moore, Ulis Fleming, Harry Helms, Ed Kusalik, & Nick Grace C.