My 93 Thunderbird

"Seniors Gone Wild"

I won this September 18th, at the Nashville Super Speedway Show.

The exhaust exits in front of the M&H 275/50/17 Drag Radials

New M&H 275/50/17 Drag Radials Hook like a MOFO

Last Dyno 950 RWHP at 6,200 RPMs and still climbing at 18 psi of boost

A Vortech YSi Supercharged 393 stroker now powers the Bird

I replaced the Vortech enclosure, and installed a Extreme Velocity hat, and replaced the tubing. This will allow easier carb adjustments, and rejetting. It will also allow adding water/meth injection to it. With the enclosure, the meth would end up all over the carb as much as going through it.

Hear it Fire Up with the YSi


Fuel cell in the trunk, along with the battery

Flaming River parts are used to route the steering shaft through the headers

Here you can see the rear brace, aluminum drive shaft,and the side exit exhaust.

I removed the 6 way power seats, which weighed 60 lbs each, and installed these polly seats, which weigh 12 lbs each. The rear seat was removed to reduce weight, along with most other items not needed. The Roll Bar will allow me to Play at the tracks when I have time.

Setting it up for using E85

Carb Tuning Tips

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Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

The Bird in Print

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