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Hello, my name is Bruce Richards, and I thank you for taking the time to read this. I live in Clarksville Tennessee, near Nashville. I retired early from Gateway Medical Center, which later became Tennova Healthcare, so that I can travel and see more of our wonderful world, and enjoy my Hobbies more.

I am also retired from the US Army where I spent 22 years, during which I was able to visit many countries and all of the continents. One of my Military jobs involved setting up Long Range HF radio links. One of these was Reforger 1976. This is how I got interested in Ham Radio.

My hobbies are Ham Radio, Fast Cars, and computers. My Main interest in Ham Radio are Emergency Communications and DX. I especially enjoy talking to people in countries that I have visited. I completed my goal of making the DXCC Honor Roll on 28 Mhz as a Tech, then upgraded to General.

My present DXCC status is 339 countries confirmed. List of my Needed Countries

My HF station consists of:
1. A Kenwood TS890S transceiver
2. A Kenwood TS959SDX (backup radio)
3. Rohn 25, 90 foot tower
4. Amertron AL82 Full Power Amp
5. Cushcraft X7
6. Inverted Vs on 40/80m
7. MFJ-998 Legal Power Automatic Antenna Tuner
8. A couple of laptops for Internet and logging

This is my old home brewed 10m monobander that I worked 330 Countries on 10m as a Tech with. The boom was 45 ft (13m) long

Old 10M Monobander

Cushcraft X7 now takes care of 10-20m It is not designed for 12 and 17m, but performs there just fine with the tuner.

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S Meter

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Modifying Ameritron Amps for RTTY Use

       Ham Radio from Korea 1978-79       

      Ham Radio from Korea 1981-82      

     Our Group DX Pedition to Eritrea      

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