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Highlights and updates

Oct 18, 2012: Fall and winter are just around the corner...so that means that more time is available for the workbench and on-the-air activities. I hope to be more timely in keeping this web page and my blog ( wb8icn.wordpress.com ) updated. I'll leave the information shown below on for awhile till I get new material uploaded, and then I will either make a separate page for this information or just delete it. I have a few unfinished projects on the workbench so those will be the first to be done and then move to new stuff. Have some antenna ideas what I want to try out before the snow gets too deep...so maybe will have some material on here before long.

Completed work on a new beta rig called the CC-20. It was designed and provided Jason, NT7S through his new company, "Etherkit". I have posted a couple of pictures on my blog page, www.wb8icn.wordpress.com. I will add more as I finish testing.

 The Dual Bander is done...though I have nothing on the web page just yet

I did finally put some info on my work with Super VXO circuits. This really surprised me.  Check my Station Log for info and pictures.

Decided to buid a kit I bought last year at FDIM, a Reggie II. Maybe I will post some info once it is done on working

 My activities are located in my Station Log, click here to see it.

72's/73's and oo's....Mikey, WB8ICN

NEW Stuff :

A pic of the completed Willamette Xcvr Homebrew project.

My Super VXO Info

The picture above is what the operating position looks like for the most part.  Immediately below are a couple of pics showing my workbench area:

test equip       building

Finally, here are a couple of pics showing the QTH from an eagle flying over head:
        qth eagle view jpg7                                  qth eaglle 2 jpg9

My Station Log
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