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Pneumatic Antenna Launching

We've used many systems over the years - from slingshots to compound bows - to get our Emergency Field Antennas up high in the trees - But the best so far is - Pneumatic Antenna Launching - using compressed air and a tennis ball to put lines waay up without our feet leaving the ground.

Baluns (Balanced to Unbalanced Transmission Line Transformers)

Field Day

Field Day is a weekend in June when the Amateur Radio community takes to the field and sets up their equipment for what is essentially an emergency preparedness practice drill. It is a combination of training, adventure, a test of equipment and skills and a fun weekend. This group began doing this in 1976 and has had a good Field Day turnout every year since.

Antenna Modelling

The availability of sophisticated and affordable Antenna Modelling software has made it possible for anyone with enough interest to learn a great deal by constructing and analyzing antennas in software. Combining field experience with modelling experience can provide insight into many aspects of antennas that neither alone could provide.

Antenna Projects

Elecraft K2 Projects

The Elecraft K2 is a modern kit, reminding us of Heathkit of years gone by. This small but sophisticated radio has amazing performance in a small light package and is extremely effective for portable operation. I've done a couple of interesting modifications to mine including an internal 3200 milliamp hour lithium polymer battery pack.

Solar Controller Projects

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