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A military radio collectors international email magazine dedicated to the preservation of the history and the equipment that made it. Unlimited circulation of the original .txt material is authorized so long as the proper credits to the original authors, and publisher and webmaster. For more information concerning this group or membership contact Dennis Starks at: [email protected]. New: MCGP Website

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The PRC LIST A condensed listing of PRC designated Military Radios by Dennis Starks


U.S. Military Portable Radios By Alan D. Tasker, WA1NYR


US Military Portable Radios (Rebutal) By Dennis Starks 


The AN/PRC-90 Legacy By Alan D. Tasker, WA1NYR


The AN/PRC-68 By Alan D. Tasker, WA1NYR


The PRT-4/PRR-9 Helmet Radio Set By Alan D. Tasker, WA1NYR


Powering Military Radios-Building a DC-DC converter by Dennis Starks


Collecting Military Radios by Ralph Hogan **not ready**


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