The PRT-4 & PRR-9

Alan D. Tasker


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Comments for users/buyers/prospective buyers of AN/PRT-4 & AN/PRR-9 units:

In general, ebay prices tend to be high for these units. I suspect there are many bidders who do not know about sources such as Fair Radio and Mike Murphy and Lee Frank. In case you do not know, Fair is at 419-223-2196. Call and get a catalog if you do not have one already, or e-mail them at [email protected]. Murphy is at . Be sure to check out his specials page. Lee frank is at

Sometimes the combination of a PRR-9 and a PRT-4 is called a PRC-88. However, there never officially was a production PRC-88 as far as can be determined...just prototypes.

The following is info that you should know, so please excuse me if you already know some of it.

The PRR-9 and PRT-4 were developed before the military made the decision to employ CTCSS (150 Hz tone). Later they developed the PRT-4A and PRR-9A with tone (actually, PRR-9A is not correct as that unit was only experimental, but I'm going to use it as a shortcut). A number of units were refurbished
(reconditioned) and sat in a warehouse and never got used. So, from the dealers, you have used units on the market, not guaranteed to work, and recon stuff that pretty much works out of the box. Here are some prices. But you have to give some weight to ebay as you pretty much know right up front, if the seller states it, whether or not the units on which you are bidding work. Many of the refurb units are on 51 MHz, which puts it conveniently in the Amateur Radio 6 meter band.

PRR-9 used, $12, or 5 for $35, Murphy

PRR-9A used, - - -

PRR-9 refurb, $40 Fair Radio, $29.95 Lee Frank

PRR-9A NEW, $89.50, Fair

PRT-4 used, $12 Murphy, $20 Fair, $8 Fair, parts missing, $17.95 Lee Frank

PRT-4A used, - - -

PRT-4 refurb, - - -

PRT-4A refurb, $40 Fair, $18 Murphy.

Murphy special, 2 PRT and 2 PRR, used, for $35. He doesn't say "A" on any
of the PRT's, but you'd have to ask to be sure.

In general, I think you should be getting, if possible, PRT-4A and PRR-9,
as these are compatible with both pre and post tone. All the refurb units
seem work very nicely.

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WB4TUR 2/2000