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- David E. Koopman - WBYDI -

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I normally keep a simple Log Book and don't QSL unless asked. If you need my QSL, please send me your card with a self addressed stamped envelope and I will return a card to you. I will also QSL VIA eQSL.cc if you prefer. Thank You.

Here Are Some Web Sites I Like.

Click here for QRZ.COMClick here for the QRZ.COM callsign search engine page, or use the quick callsign search engine form on the right:
Click here for the World Wide HamCall Callsign Database.Click here for the World Wide HamCall Callsign Database.

Click here for an ARRL national association for Amateur Radio SSTV Slow Scan Television Introduction.

Click here for Ham Radio on the NETClick here to give Ham Radio on the NET a try. It's a good sorce for Ham News.

Click here for the A.R.R.L.Click here for the A.R.R.L. and consider joining America's Ham Club.

Click here for the Courage HANDI-HAM'sClick here for the Courage HANDI-HAM System. It's located here in Minnesota and is worth your time and effort.

Click here for AMSATClick here for AMSAT "the site for Ham Satellites".

Click here for the N.A.S.A.Click here for the N.A.S.A. It's the place to go if your interested in Space Science.

Click here for Six Meter's World WideClick here for the magic bands - 10m & 6m ham radio forum on Facebook. It's a good site for information on the Magic Bands.

Click here for 10-10 InternationalClick here for 10-10 International. My 10-10 number is 15906.

Click here for Exam PracticeClick here for the AA9PW FCC Exam Practice page. I owe my Extra Class License to exam practice on this page.

Click here for information on the U.S. Air Force MARS program.Click here for information on the U.S. Air Force MARS program.



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