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Amateur Radio National Societies

FISTS - The International Morse Preservation Society
ARRL - American Radio Relay League
RCA - Radio Club Argentino -Argentina
AARC - Aruba Amateur Radio Club
WIA - Wireless Institute of Australia
OEVSV - Oesterreichischer Versuchssenderverband -Austria
ARAB - Amateur Radio Association Bahrain
UBA - Union Belge des Amateurs-Emetteurs -Belgium
BFRA - Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs
RAC - Radio Amateurs of Canada
CRSA - Chinese Radio Sports Association
CTARL - Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Amateur Radio League
LCRA - Liga Colombiana de Radioaficionados -Colombia
RCCR - Radio Club de Costa Rica
FRC - Federacion de Radioaficionados de Cuba -Cuba
EDR - Experimenterende Danske Radioamatører -Denmark
ERRA - Egyptian Radio Amateurs Assembly
ERAU - Eesti Raadioamatooride Uhing -Estonia
SRAL - Soc. of Finnish Radio Amateurs
REF - Radio Amateur Union of France
DARC - Deutschen Amateur Radio Club -Germany
GARS - Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society
GARS - Guernsey Amateur Radio Soc.
HARTS - Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
MRASZ - Magyar Radioamator Szovetseg -Hungary
IARU - International Amateur Radio Union
IRTS - Irish Radio Transmitters Society
IARC - Israel Amateur Radio Club
ARI - Associazioni Radioamatori Italiani -Italy
JARL - Japan Amateur Radio League
KARL - Korean Amateur Radio League
KARS - Kuwait Amateur Radio Society
RAL - Radio Amateurs of Lebanon
AFVL - Amateurfunk Verein Fürstentum Liechtenstein -Liechtenstein
LRMD - Lietuvos Radijo Mëgëjø Draugija -Lithuania
FMRE - Fed. Mexicana de Radio Experimenta. -Mexico
VERON - Netherlands Experim. Radio Org.
NZART - New Zealand Amateur Radio Xmitters
LPR - Liga Panameña de Radioaficionados -Panama
PARA - Philippine Amateur Radio Association
PZK - Polski Zwiazek Krotkofalowcow -Poland
REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses -Portugal
SARTS - Singapore Amateur Radio Xmit. Soc.
SARL - South African Radio League
URE - Union Radioaficionados Espanoles -Spain
RSSL - Radio Society of Sri Lanka
USKA - Union Switzerland Kurzwellen-Amateure
CTRAL - Chinese Taipei Amateur Radio League -Taiwan
RAST - Radio Amateur Society of Thailand
TRAC - Telsiz Radyo Amatorleri Cemiyeti - Turkey
RCV - Radio Club Venezolano -Venezuela

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Amateur Radio Clubs

The 22 Crew - WB2JKJ -Radio Club of JHS 22 in NYC
BARC Boston Amateur Radio Club
BreezeShooters -Catch'em on 10
CUARC Columbia University ARC
FOC First Class CW Operators Club
Kohtla-Jarve Ham-Radio Group Home Page -In Estonia
Lee DeForest Amateur Radio Club -Hemet,CA
Nittany Amateur Radio Club
New Jersey QRP Club
OMARC Overlook Mtn. Amateur Radio Club
Orange County Amateur Radio Inc. -Of Orange County New York
PARC Palmetto Amateur Radio Club
PRCARC Pearl River County Amateur Radio Club
Penn-Del Amateur Radio Club
Pierre Amateur Radio Club
The QSY Society
Quarter Century Wireless Association
Radio Telegraphy Very High Speed Club
SPARK Scranton Pocono Amateur Radio Klub
SCARC Sussex County, NJ ARC
SARA Split Rock Amateur Radio Assn.
TSARA TriState Amateur Radio Assn. -PA, NY, NJ
Vernon Township, NJ RACES

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Amateur Radio Friends on the Web

4X6UV, Eli's Home Page
9K2HN, DX Pages
AJ2U, Jeff, Contester & DXer -Visit Jeff's site and read about his special daughter
ES4RLH, Kohtla-Jarve Ham-Radio Group Home Page
G4NJH, Jeremy's Page
G0OYQ, Steve Lowe
I2MOV, Flavio's Home Page
JH4PHW, Shiro's Excellent Site
JR1MAF, MAF-NET Amateur Radio Site -Wow!
K3KY - David Sinclair - DXer & Contester
K3QK, Greg's Amateur Radio Web Site
K8TBW, Bill's Place
KA2CYN, Dave's DX Site
KB8KB, Ham Radio and Astronomy
KC2BZJ & N2UBW's Ham Shack
KC7TND's CyberShack
N4GN, Tim, One of the BS7H Gang
KJ6MS, Mark's Web Page
KL7J, Alaskan Web Site
N2FFL, VHF Weak Signal Page
N2HEP, Crudele Communications
N2KI, Tony's HVDFA Site
N2KJM, John's Contesting & Personal Pages -Groovy
N3BXA, Arnie's Avation and Ham Radio
N5NU, Homepage of Jason Goldsberry
N5VT, Frank's Ham Radio, DX, RTTY, & More
NB6Z, Digital HF Ham Radio
N6XD, Bill Allen's Web Page
N7MAL, DX, Contesting & CW
N8MLQ, Art's Ham Shack
N0WHN, Nelson's Amateur Radio Page
NW7US, hfradio.org -Ham Radio & DX Resources
OE2GEN, Gerald's Place
SV2AEL, Savas's Greek Amateur Eadio Page
SV8CS, Chimarios Spiros Greek Amateur Radio
VE1DX, Paul's Ham Radio & More
VE6OA, Al Girard's Home Page
VK3NDS Amateur Radio Web Site
VU2WAP, Mik's Home Page in Bangalore
W5WJN, Bill's Ham Radio Page
W7IAN, Ian's Wep Page -He'd rather be DXing!
WA2WHV, Jim's Radio Room -Awesome
WA4QDM, John's Home Page
WB2RXF, Dave's Amateur Radio Homepage -An old buddy of mine from Brooklyn
WB5OTD, Ashley's Space World
WB6VUB, Amateur Radio Web Sites
WB8CCV, in Eastern Ottawa County, MI
WB0NNI, Bob's Homebrew Built From Scratch Amplifier Page
YO4AUL, Ham Radio in Romania

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Callbook Servers

FCC's Wireless Beta Test Site -On-line US Amateur Call Look-ups
US Callbook Server at U.A.L.R.
Buckmaster World Wide HamCall(tm) Server
QRZ Callbook
WM7D's FCC Callsign Database -With Vanity Info
All Available 1x2, 2x1 Callsigns -From QRZ, Updated Daily!

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Other QSL Info & DX Callbooks

Quick QSL Manager Lookup -Great Resource!
KC3NE, Mike Klein Callbook/CD Vendor
AA6EE, RadioDan's Discount Callbook CDs
One-by-One Data Base -QSL Info For Domestic 1x1 Call Signs
QSL Info System by IK4LZH
QSL Info Database by DB0SDX
The Golist, QSL Manager List -By Subscription. Among the Best
QSL-Extra by DB1JAW -FB Freeware QSL DB Software. 29K Routes. Updated Monthly!
Downloadable QSL info Database -43,200 Routes, Updated Bi-Weekly
QSL Routes de 1997 Issues of DXNL -Via NG3K Site
QSL Manager Database boasts 52,000 Routes -Via T77WI Site
RW1QM QSL-info Database Search
Andorra Callbook (C3) -Via URA Web Site
Australian Callbook (VK)
ARAS- Official Canadian Callbook (VE)
CIS Online Callbooks -(EK, ER, EU, EX, EY, EZ, UK, UN, UR, RA, 4K, 4L)
Corsican Callbook (TK)
El Salvadorian Callbook (YS) -Partial
Estonian Callbook (ES) -At Kohtla-Jarve Ham-Radio Group Home Page
1998 Estonian Callbook (ES) -With Correct Zip Codes (updated Aug 98)
1997 Finnish Callbook (OH)
French Radio Amateur Callbook -(F, FG, FH, FK, FM, FO, FP, FR, FS, TK)
Greek Callbook (SV)
Guatemalan Callbook (TG) -Partial
Guernsey Callbook (GU)
Iceland Callbook (TF) -Via IRA Web Site
Latvian Callbook (YL) -Partial
Lithuanian Callbook (LY)
Malaysian Callbook (9M2) -Via MARTS
Netherlands Callbook (PA)
Polish Callbook (SP)
Romanian Callbook (YO)
South African Callbooks -(ZS, 7P, 3DA, V5, A22, C9, 5H, 9J2, Z2)
Yugoslovian Callbook (YU)
W3HC QSL Fund -And list of stations he manages

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Contest Related Sites

1997 Dayton Photo Gallery at K8CX -103 Photos of Contesters & DXers
1998 Dayton Photo Gallery at K8CX -105 Photos of Contesters & DXers
3.830 Contest Results
ARRLWeb's Contest Calendar
Bavarian Contest Club
Contesting On-Line
CQ Contest Web Site
CT1BOH Contest Site
CTRI Contest Group -Connecticut & Rhode Island
GM4FDM - UK Contesting On-line
K3WWP's Ham Radio Activities -Contesting and More.
K8CX Ham Photo Gallery -More Pics of Contesters, DXers, & DX Locales
KA9FOX's Web Site for Contesters & DXers
Kentucky Contest Group
N2TES/N2KJM Contesting Pages
News From the Sultans of Shwing
Tour of N6TR/7 by KM9P
NK7U Contest Page
Nittany Amateur Radio Club -PA QSO Party Results
Northern California Contest Club -CA QSO Party Results
OK1RR - DX & Contesting Page
Omnibus Contest Club JA1YPA
Outlaw Wireless League K3OWL
Paladin Contest Club
PI4CC Contest Group
Potomac Valley Radio Club
SM3CER Contest Service
Society of Mid-West Contesters
Yankee Clipper Contest Club
ZD8Z Contest Page

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QSO and Contest Logging Software

A Logger for Windows -By 9K2ZZ/K4CY, by and for DXers, and FREE FREE FREE!
CT by K1EA
CT Files Archive
DX4Win by KK4HD
DXBase by Scientific Solutions
DXtreme Software
HamLog v2.0 -For Macintosh. Free Demo
Hyperlog by Hypersoft -This is what I use
LOGic 4 by P.D.A.
LOGPlus! by KD7P
LOGvrr by IN3VRR -Supports CD-ROM, Packet, etc. FREEWARE
M*Log -by Milestone Technologies, Inc.
NA Contest Logging Program -And Support Files. By Datom
N6TR TR Logging Software
PA1200N PA QSO Party Logger -Shareware by Harry Bump, KM3D
PA QSO Party Log For Windows 95
Prolog by Datamatrix
StationMaster -The Log For Windows
SwissLog for DOS -Windows Version Available
VQLog For Win95, 98, NT, 2000 -For the VHF/UHF/SHF/Satellite DX'er
WriteLog for Windows
XMLog - Freeware Log for Windows -Many Nice features

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Amateur Radio Equipment Manufacturers

ADI-Premier Communications
AEA Advanced Electronic Applications -Acquired by Timewave
Alinco Electronics Inc.
Alpha/Power Inc. -Quality Amplifiers
Ameritron Amplifiers
Astatic Microphones
Astron Corporation
Azden Corporation -In Japanese
Belden Wire & Cable
Bencher, Inc.
Bird Electronics Corp. -Quality Watt Meters
Byer's Chassis Kits & Custom Enclosures -Charles Byers, K3IWK
Cherokee (Wireless Marketing Corp.) -Low Priced 6-Mtr HT
CPI Eimac Corp.
CSI Connect Systems, Inc. -Repeater Controllers, Autopatches
Down East Microwave
Drake Home Page
Dunestar Systems -I.C.E. Bandpass Filters
HAL Communications Corp. -HF DSP Modems
Hamtronics, Inc.
Heil Sound Ltd.
Henry Radio RF Power Amplifiers
RadioDan W7RF Henry Radio Distributor -Henry Amplifiers for Less
ICOM Communications, America
INRAD International Radio -Supplier of Quality IF Filters
JPS Communications, Inc.
Kachina Communications, Inc. -Computer Controlled XCVRs
Kantronics Corporation
Kenwood Communications Corporation
LDG Electronics -AT-11 Auto Tuner, Baluns, Packet
Maha Communications -Handheld Accessories
MFJ Enterprises
Midland Consumer Radio
Oak Hills Research -High Quality QRP Kits
QRO Technologies
Ramsey Electronics -Ham Radio Kits & Assorted Gizmos
R.F. Electronics -500W & KW Amateur Amplifier Kits
SGC Transceivers
Shure Microphones
Standard Amateur Radio Products
Svetlana Electron Devices
Ten-Tec Corporation
Timewave Technology Inc.
Uniden Online
The Vibroplex Corporation
Vintage Radio Kit Co. -Tube Transmitter Kits
Whiterook Products Co. -Keys, Clocks, QRP
Wilderness Radio -QRP Rigs & Accessories
Yaesu, America

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Amateur Radio Antenna Manufacturers

AEA Antennas & Analyzers
Aluma Tower Co., Inc.
Antenna Products Corp. -Makers of HUGE Antennas!
Arrow Antennas -Unique VHF/UHF Yagis
Avetech Bandhopper Antenna
Barker & Williamson Antennas
C3I Antennas -Award Winning VHF/UHF Arrays
Comet Antennas
Cubex Quad Antennas
Cushcraft Antennas
Delta X-Ray Antennas -10 Mtr 2 el Delta Loop Array
Diamond Antennas -Via RF Parts Site
Dynamic Electronics, Inc. -Multiband Dipoles & Verticals
Firestik Antenna Co.
Force 12 Antennas
GAP Antenna Products
GemQuad Antennas
Giovannini Elettromeccanica - HF Antennas -Impressive Antenna Systems From Italy
Bob Myers Gladiator Verticals
Glen Martin Engineering -Towers, Hazers
Harbach Electronics -Antenna Parts
Heights Tower Systems -I Have One!
High Sierra Antennas
Hy-Gain Antennas
International Antenna Corp. -Bazooka Antennas
Lakeview Company, Inc. -Maker of The Famous Ham Stick
Lightning Bolt Antennas
M2 Antennas
Max-Gain Systems, Inc.
Metal & Cable Corp. -Source For Aluminum Tubing & Masts
Mosley Electronics HF Yagis, Logs, Verts. -The Official USA Mosley Site
Norm's Rotor Service
PAR Electronics -VHF Horizontal Omni Antennas
Propagation Station Amateur Radio Antennas -Handcrafted 6 & 10 mtr Yagis
Raibeam Compact HF Beams
Radio Works -Antennas, Antenna Kits & Parts
Rohn Towers and Accs.
Rotor Doctor -Sales, Parts, Service
Shoestring Antennas
Sommer Antennas
Spider Antennas
Texas BugCatcher
Tri-Ex Towers Corp.
Ventenna -Antenna disguised as a vent pipe
ZX-Yagi by R. Eberson Elect. -Manufactured in the Netherlands

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Amateur Radio Equipment Dealers

All Com Communications Electronics
Amateur Electronic Supply
Atlantic Ham Radio
Arizona HamStore®
Associated Radio
Austin Amateur Radio Supply
Bamcom Communications
Burghart Amateur Center
Communication HeadQuarters, Inc.
Com-West Radio Systems, Ltd. -Canadian
Denver Amateur Radio Supply
East Coast Amateur Radio Inc.
Ham Radio Outlet
The Ham Station
Jun's Electronics
KComm, Inc. The Ham Radio Store
KJI Electronics
Lama Electronics
Lentini Communications, Inc.
Memphis Amateur Electronics, Inc.
Norham - Canada's Premier Radio Store
Omega Electronics -The Amp Store
Radcomm Radio
RadioDan W7RF -Henry Amplifiers for Less
Radio Devices
Radio Place Online
Radioware Web Catalog
Ross Distributing Company
R&L Electronics
RT Systems Amateur Radio Supply
SSB USA Electronics -VHF,UHF,SHF Specialists
Texas Towers
Tucker Electronics
Universal Radio Inc.
V I S Amateur Supply -Under Construction

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Electronic Parts Dealers

All Electronics Corp.
Antennas West
Digi-Key Corp.
D.R. Components
Electronix Express
International Components Corp. -Tubes & Goodies
Mega Surplus Electronics
Mouser Electronics
Radio Electric Supply
RF Parts
Surplus Sales of Nebraska

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Ham Radio Buy/Sell/Trade Classified Ads

Amateur Radio Trader
Free Ham Radio Classified Ads from QTH.COM!
K8CX Virtual Hamfest Gallery -15 Categories, Free ads, no limit!
Ham Classified Database Search Engine
The HamTrader - Ham Radio And Electronics Swap & Shop
The Virtual Hamfest - International Ham/Elect/Computer Swap
Hamfest dot Net - A Virtual Hamfest

-On the ARRL web site

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QSL Card Printers and Designers

Doc's QSL Cards
FDS Graphics Full Colour QSL Cards -The UK's Premier QSL Co.
Pixel Graphics X-Pressions -Full Color Photographic QSL Cards
The SignMan QSLs -10-X International QSLs a Speciality
VI-CON Full Color QSLs
Quality QSLs by WX9X

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On Air Nets

3.819 75 Mtr Group
HHH Net - The Triple H Net -7.235 @ 07:00Z Daily
County Hunters Net
Geratol Net
Manana Net -Maritime Cruising
Maritime Mobile Service Net -14.300/14.313 MHz. Everyday
Ten-Ten International Net

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Classic Gear & Key Collections

Antique Radio Classified
Boatanchors! Vintage Communications Radios
K2DCY's Telegraph Key Cyber-Museum
KD4CPL Vintage Ham Radio
K5RW's Telegraph Key References for the Collector
NQ5T Classic Ham Radio Gear Pages
QCWA On-Line Amateur Radio Museum (tm)
Richard Post's BoatAnchors Pix
Radio ERA Archives -CD-ROM Publications, Old Radios & More
Radio Finder -Finder of Classic Gear!
Sparks Telegraph Key Review -Excellent
W3DX Heathkit Page
WA3KEY Virtual Collins Radio Museum
WA4KCY Vintage Amateur Radio Home Page
W7FG Vintage Gear Manuals

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Radio Direction Finding

Albuquerque Transmitter Hunters
AVARC Transmitter Hunt Page
Compaq ARC Foxhunt Info
BMG Engineering SuperDF Page
Homing In - Radio Direction Finding
KD6BCH Hidden Transmitter Hunting
Homing In - RDF
HVDFA Hudson Valley Direction Finding Assn.
N0MKJ Foxhunt Page

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On-Line Ham Radio Magazines

73 Magazine - RTTY Loop Column
73 Magazine - Ham to Ham Column Archive
Amateur Radio Newsline -Real Audio Format & Text Transcript
ARRL Letter -Real Audio Format & Text Transcript
antennaX On-Line Antenna Mag. -By Subscription
CQ Magazine -The Radio Amateur's Journal
Ham Radio Online
Ham Radio Today
Internet Six News -On-Line 6-Mtr Magazine
Low Band Monitor
MK QTC - Magazyn Krótkofalowców -Polish Amateurs Magazine

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License Exam Preparation Resources

The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy -Excellent, Must Read!!!
AA9PW's Amateur Radio Exam Practice Page
Amateur Exam Opportunities in Your Neighborhood -From ARRL Web Site
CodeMaster V -0 to 20 WPM in 90 Days, Guaranteed!
Code Quick System
CW Mental Block Buster II -Alternative Arts: CW & Theory Thru Hypnosis
Dit & DahTM Phoneticode -Phonetic & Code Games
Ham Exam Practice Generator
Ham University for MS Windows -Free Downloadable Demo Available
How to get Started in Ham Radio -From ARRL Web Site
Morse Tutor Gold
NuMorse & NuTest Homepage
W9PPG on Morse Code

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Links to Ham Links

Amateur Radio Internet Shopper
CUARC World Wide Web Sites
Ham Radios Missing Links
Jersey Amateur Radio Links
John's Galaxy of Ham Links
NZ1M's Links
QRZ's List of Commercial Ham Links
QRZ's List of Ham Club Links
QRZ's List of Ham Radio WWW Sites
WZ1V Amateur Radio Web Pages

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DXing And Contesting Resources

DXer Dot Com
Outgoing QSL Bureau

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