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A Date With Katrina

Our Hurricane Katrina operation at Long Beach, MS.

Hot News and Announcements
The HSMS/VHF Bulletin Board page for the latest on meteor showers, DXpeditions, news reports, etc.

Quick Links to other sites and other things of interest
Links to visual and other meteor pages
Aurora Sentry
NWS Doppler Radar images
"Ping Jockey" HSMS sked page
Today's Space Weather
NASA Space Weather
Sun and space environment
VHF/UHF Real-Time QSO Maps
Meteosat5 image of Europe US Weather Map
Tropospheric Ducting Forecast
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief
The DK5YA VHF Page
Up-to-date Science News
SATERN - Salvation Army Team
Emergency Radio Network
Emergency E-Mail & Wireless

MS_DSP V. 0.7

High Speed Meteor Scatter
Many pages of information concerning HSCW, FSK441 and JT65 (parts of K1JT's WSJT program), VHF DX, propagation, MS antennas, accessory programs, MS procedures, operating helps, lots more.

The late Tom Moody, W4HJQ W4HJQ - Article, with photos, about our close friend and great VHF operator, the late Tom Moody, W4HJQ, available here.
(144 MHz WAS, WAC, and more, on MS, EME, aurora, etc -
while operating from in bed).

WD8KVD operating W8WN. WD8KVD, Dr. Val Brady, in Saginaw Marsh Read about WD8KVD's High Speed CW meteor scatter contacts at the highest speed ever completed (16,600 lpm, or 3320 wpm) (also contains a number of other, non-MS photographs from ARES work, etc).
Read about the EN46 HSCW Operation, "The Great Minnesotta Northwoods HSCW Water Party," with photographs.
Or an Abstract of Dr. Brady's Saginaw Bay Zebra Muscle work.
Or an Abstract of her other invertebrate work in a marsh on Saginaw Bay.

WD8LPN and Princess columbine.  WD8LPN foto

Photographs by Lora, WD8LPN, of her "little puppies", flowers, and butterflies.
(Yes, another former EMT, Skywarn spotter, active in ARES and RACES, disaster relief, etc).
(Page not complete).

Photo:  Steve, Curtis

Steve (ex-KA8PTW), Alisca, and Curtis still near Clio, MI.
Read about the EN83 HSCW Operation from Steve's place in Michigan.
(Page not complete).

Which one is the old buzzard? Living Christmas Tree W8WN, a.k.a. Shelby the Superfluous - no, radio isn't all he's into!
If you really want to be bored, follow these links for his work in the LCT, Vent, Illusions, etc etc.
(Page still under construction).

NINE picture pages of the Colorful Living Christmas Tree, with behind-the-scenes shots, technical information (e.g.,130 AC Amps going into the lights for the Tree proper, 10,000 watts of audio).
Spotting funnel cloud Click on funnel for 1997 KY Ohio River flood and Magnolia KY tornado touchdown report.
Information on ordering the ARES CAP
More pages later. More ARES, severe weather, disaster, and other files planned.

From the "Really strange" department:
Click for a look at the Y2K Bug! (77K) Aren't you glad we missed it?
Click to download an Executable program that can be used as a game or screen saver, entitled saddam.exe. (It's name is a description of the program). (304K) (Authors unknown)
Unauthorized biography of Shelby Ennis! Read this quick, before he finds it and deletes it!

73, Shelby, W8WN, Elizabethtown, KY, EM77bq - E-mail,

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