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Stu Rockafellow ARS Monthly Net

On the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM, the club has its monthly net on the 146.92 repeater, please join us for a great time, all are welcome!

CW Net

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the club has a CW Net on 21.050 MHz. We try to keep the conversations short but everyone who wishes can join in and say a few words. It also is a great way for those of you who are either old time CW operators who just want to use their CW skills on a regular basis, or welcome our newcomers to the mode but would like some chat time. We keep the speed down to whatever wpm code speed suits the skill of the particular operator. 15-17 wpm is the norm but slower speeds are not a problem. Please tune in and join if you can, we would love to have you! Please e-mail John - K8DSL for more information.

Remembering the Fitz

Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald 2011

For the 15th consecutive year, members of the Stu Rockafellow Amateur Radio Society will be traveling to Whitefish Point, MI and Paradise, MI to do a ham radio ‘Special Event’ “Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald”. The Fitzgerald went down with her crew of 29 on November 10th 1975 in Lake Superior approximately 17 miles from Whitefish Point, MI. This marks the 36th year of that tragedy. The call sign used at Whitefish Point will be N8F and the call sign used at Paradise, MI (11 miles South of Whitefish Point) will be K8F. The Whitefish Point Lighthouse # is USA 887. We expect to be operational Friday November 4th thru Sunday November 6th with up to 4 stations. Our target freqs. are 3860, 7240, 14260, 18160*, 21360, and 28360* (kHz SSB) (* secondary) NOTE: CW operation is not planned. Only a certificate will be available. Send a 9x12 SASE (N8F / K8F only) to W8VS - Richard Barker 264 N. East St. Brighton, MI. 48116. E-Mail Rich - W8VS Information is also in Nov. QST in the Special Events listings.


Also, teaming up with us this year are:

1: The The Livonia Amateur Radio Club from Livonia, MI. using the call sign W8F and operating from the Dossin Museum, Sun. Nov. 6th , located on Belle Isle in the Detroit River.

2: The The Stillwater Amateur Radio Association from Stillwater, MN, using the callsign W0JH, operating 3 stations from the Split Rock Lighthouse State Park at the west end of Lake Superior ( Lighthouse # USA 783 ).

Links Of Interest:

Livonia Amateur Radio Club W8F
Stillwater Amateur Radio Association W0JH
Fitzgerald Web site
Shipwreck Museum Web Site
Split Rock St. Park
Dossin Museum

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March of Dimes Walk America

During the months of April and May, the March of Dimes has their annual "WalkAmerica" event. WalkAmerica is the March of Dimes' biggest fund-raiser. It is also a national tradition with a 35-year history of success. Each year, the Stu Rockafellow Amateur Radio Society takes time out of their day to provide communications for the March of Dimes Walk. Click here to see the pictures of the March of Dimes walk throughout Hines Park, held in April.

The Person to contact for this event is Chuck KB8WHQ. Let him know you visited our web site and are interested in the event.

Field Day

On the fourth full weekend in June, the club participates in the ARRL Field Day event. The purpose of Field Day is to demonstrate the communcations ability of the amateur radio community in simulated emergency situations. In 2000, almost 2100 clubs involving 31,000 individuals participated. During the contest, which lasted 24 hours, 1.4 million contacts were made. The club operated from the Plymouth Township Park between the baseball diamonds. Please E-Mail John - K8DSL if interested in working Field day next year.
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Halloween Patrol

October 30th and 31st, a volunteer patrol works in cooperation with the police departments of the City of Plymouth, the Township of Plymouth, and Northville Township to monitor schools, parks, and other public places. Two-way radio communcations, using 2 meter simplex, allows the volunteers to check 308 locations and to keep in touch with each of the respective police departments. If you are interested in helping with this event, contact Chuck - KB8WHQ.

Training Classes

When there is interest, Technician, General, and Extra Classes can be organized. Past classes have been very successful with many students getting their tickets (licenses) or upgrades. There are no fees for these classes that usually run for 12 weeks. For more information, contact Don - W8RIF, President.

Hams and Dogs in the Park

Hams and Dogs in the Park is a very popular social event that is held once a year at the Plymouth Township Park. Anyone and everyone is invited to have a hot dog and socialize. The 2011 Dogs in the Park is scheduled for August. Your input is vital to this being a good activity. Contact Chuck - KB8WHQ for more information. Click the year to see those corresponding pictures. 2003 / 2004 / 2005

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