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November 2011 Event Calendar

November 4-5-6TH

Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald 2011 For the 15th consecutive year, members of the Stu Rockafellow Amateur Radio Society will be traveling to Whitefish Point, MI and Paradise, MI to do a ham radio ‘Special Event’ “Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald”. The Fitzgerald went down with her crew of 29 on November 10th 1975 in Lake Superior approximately 17 miles from Whitefish Point, MI. This marks the 36th year of that tragedy.(PLEASE SEE ACTIVITIES PAGE FOR FREG'S)

Every Monday & Wednesday

Stu rock CW Net on 21.050 MHz at 7:00 PM speed is adjusted to the slowest participant

November 08

Stu Rock Net on 146.92 MHz at 7:30 PM

November 15

Stu Rock Meeting at Plymouth City Hall(WE WILL BE ELECTING OUR NEW OFFICERS)

If you see or know of something that is not on the calendar please e-mail W8RIF or K8WX.

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