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November 2011 Special Events

Certificates and QSL cards: To obtain a certificate from any of the special event stations offering them, send your QSO information along with a 9x12 inch self-addressed, stamped envelope to address listed in the announcement. To receive a special event QSL card (when offered), be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped business envelope along with your QSL card and QSO information.

11/01/2011 | HB9STEVE Remembering Steve Jobs Nov 1-Jan 1, 0000Z-0000Z, HB9STEVE, Lugano, SWITZERLAND. HB9ON Radio Group. All HF frequencies. QSL. HB9STEVE, c/o Fulvio Galli, In Piancamara, Origlio 6945, SWITZERLAND.

11/03/2011 | Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 3-Nov 6, 1700Z-1700Z, N8F and K8F, Whitefish Point (N8F) and Paradise (K8F), MI. Stu Rockafellow Amateur Radio Society. 21.360 14.260 7.260 3.860. Certificate. Richard A. Barker, W8VS, 264 N East St, Brighton, MI 48116. Also participating in the event are W0JH, The Stillwater Amateur Radio Association and W8F, The Livonia Amateur Radio Club. Please observe QSL routes for each club.

11/03/2011 | Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 30-Nov 6, 1700Z-1700Z, K8F and N8F, Paradise (K8F) Whitefish Point (N8F), MI. Rockafellow Amateur Radio Society. 21.360 14.260 7.260 3.860. Certificate. Richard A. Barker, W8VS, 264 N East St, Brighton, MI 48116. Also participating in the event are W0JH, The Stillwater Amateur Radio Association and W8F, The Livonia Amateur Radio Club. Please observe QSL routes for each club.

11/04/2011 | Heroes Homecoming Nov 4-Nov 13, 0917Z-0917Z, N4V, Fayetteville, NC. Cape Fear Amateur Radio Society. 14.260 14.040 7.260 7.040. QSL. CFARS - N4V, PO Box 36106, Fayetteville, NC 28303. Heroes Homecoming is and event in Fayetteville, NC to honor Vietnam Veterans and to give them the heroes homecoming they deserved, but never received. Communications during Vietnam was not like it is now. There were no satellite phones or internet. MARS-Grams and Phone Patches were used thanks to thousands of HAM volunteers. CFARS would like any stories or photos from the era that could be included in a portfolio to document MARS-Grams or Phone Patches. Stories and photos of phone patching activities can be mailed to the CFARS address or emailed to [email protected]

11/04/2011 | Sinking Of Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 4-Nov 6, 2200Z-1400Z, W8F , Livonia, MI. Livonia Amateur Radio Club. 21.050 21.340 14.340 14.050 . Certificate. Bruno Walczak, 16601 Golfview, Livonia, MI 48154.

11/04/2011 | Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 4-Nov 6, 2000Z-2300Z, W0JH, Two Harbors, MN. Stillwater Amateur Radio Association. TBD. Certificate. Stillwater ARA, 1618 West Pine St, Stillwater, MN 55082.

11/05/2011 | Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 5-Nov 6, 1500Z-2345Z, W0JH, Split Rock Lighthouse, Split Rock, MN. Stillwater Amateur Radio Association. 21.360 14.260 7.260 3.860. Certificate. Shel Mann, [email protected], Stillwater, MN 55082. Requested W0JH QSL Certificates will ONLY be sent via e-mail in PDF. W0JH operating from Split Rock Lighthouse (ARLHS: USA 783; Grid Square: EN47). Other participating clubs at different locations: N8F & K8F, Stu Rockafellow Amateur Radio Society and W8F, Livonia Amateur Radio Club. Please observe QSL route for each participating club. Instructions/Requests:

11/05/2011 | Minnesota Transportation Museum / Jackson St Roundhouse Nov 5, 1300Z-2300Z, K0AGF, Saint Paul, MN. St Paul Radio Club. 28.350 21.350 14.250 7.240. Certificate. St Paul Radio Club, PO Box 9375, Saint Paul, MN 55109. Restored Historical Trains

11/05/2011 | Tesla Wardenclyffe Restoration/Tesla Conference 2011 Nov 5, 1100Z-2300Z, W3T, Shoreham, NY. Area Amateurs. 40 through 10 m including WARC bands. QSL. QSL info, TBD, See.

11/05/2011 | Veterans Day Special Event Station Nov 5-Nov 13, 1000Z-0500Z, K0V, Emporia, KS. Emporia Amateur Radio Society. 14.268 7.262 3.920. QSL. EARS, Leslie Elliott KCŘPTO, PO Box 372, Madison, KS 66860. Emporia KS is the birthplace of Veterans Day. We are proud to help commemorate the service to our country by our Veterans of all wars. Day Special Event Station.html

11/05/2011 | 90th Commemorative Anniversary WBZ/Westinghouse Towers Springfield, MA Nov 5, 0900Z-1300Z, W1Z, Springfield, MA. Yankee Network, Inc & Hampden Communications. 3875 Kilocycles AM. QSL. Kurt Jackson, 82 Asnebumskit Rd, Paxton, MA 01612. Please join us on the radio only Saturday, November 5, 2011 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm for the last signal to be emanating from these towers before their demise. Special event station will be operation on 3875 Kilocycles AM. Sponsored by W1XOJ Yankee Network, Incorporated and Hampden Communications, Corp. For information call Kurt Jackson W1OBQ 508-735-4213 (cell) or email: [email protected] AS THIS IS A DEMOLITION/CONSTRUCTION SITE NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES

11/06/2011 | 150th Birth Date of Dr James Naismith, Inventor of the Game of Basketball Nov 6, 0000Z-2359Z, VA3AAR, Almonte, ON. Almonte Amateur Radio Club, Inc. 14.150 7.250 3.750. QSL. Robin Webb, 160 Duncan Dr, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0, CANADA.

11/08/2011 | US Marine Corps Birthday Nov 8-Nov 11, 1300Z-2359Z, W5M, Spiro, OK. Don Greenwood, K5DLO. 14.317 7.260. QSL. Don Greenwood, 19299 Greenwood Rd, Spiro, OK 74959.

11/10/2011 | Nascar Kobalt Tools 500 Nov 10-Nov 13, 1700Z-2300Z, K7PIR, Avondale, AZ. Team PIR. 14.255 7.255. QSL. Team PIR, 1211 W. Wood Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85029. SASE please; no LoTW or EQSL!

11/10/2011 | Veterans Day Nov 10-Nov 13, 1600Z-2200Z, KA9NLX, Arlington Heights, IL. The Armored Force Amateur Radio Net. 21.375 14.325 7.283 7.065. Certificate. John Paskevicz, 1423 North Ridge Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60004. Honoring all veterans of all services who gave their time, effort and in some cases their lives to preserve our freedom. AFAR members will operate HF from home stations and simplex 146.520 in their local communities. [email protected]

11/10/2011 | Honoring America's Veterans Nov 10-Nov 12, 1200Z-2000Z, W4V, Augusta, GA. Columbia County Amateur Radio Club. 21.280 14.260 7.260. Certificate. Rick McKnight MD, 1 Freedom Way, Augusta, GA 30904. Online log will be maintained and a certificate can be printed directed from the website once the contact has been logged. Simply look for your call sign under W4V.

11/11/2011 | Nascar - Kobalt Tools 500 Nov 11-Nov 14, 1800Z-2300Z, K7PIR, Phoenix International Raceway, AZ. Team PIR. 14.255 7.255. QSL. Team PIR, 1211 W Wood Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85029. No LoTW or E-QSLs

11/11/2011 | Veterans Day Nov 11, 1500Z-2245Z, W5KID, Baton Rouge, LA. Baton Rouge and USS Kidd Amateur Radio Cubs. Gen bands CW in QRP freqs 20 m 40 m CW preferred other bands possible. QSL. W5KID, 305 S River Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

11/11/2011 | Veterans Day Nov 11-Nov 13, 1400Z-2300Z, K4NYC, Pompano Beach, FL. K4NYC. 28.800 21.325 18.125 14.250 7.225 PSK 28.120 21.070 18.100 14.070 7.080. QSL. Edgardo "ED" Ramos, 11200-B NW 39th St, Pompano Beach, FL 33065. Broward County Honoring all veterans of the United States Armed Forces. or

11/11/2011 | NJ Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Veterans Day Ceremony Nov 11, 1300Z-2020Z, KC2LSD, Holmdel, NJ. Area amateurs. 21.300 18.135 14.250 7.225. Certificate & QSL. Cody J Codianni, 41 William St, Clifton, NJ 07014. The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation’s annual ceremony held on November 11th at 11:00 AM. As part of the ceremony, the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans‘ Memorial Foundation inducts veterans into the “In Memory” Program, which honors those who served in Vietnam and returned home only to die as a result of their tour, but whose names are not on the Memorial.

11/11/2011 | Veterans Day Nov 11-Nov 13, 1300Z-2100Z, K8V, Iron Mountain, MI. Mic-A-Con Amateur Radio Club. 14.280 14.090 14.060 7.230. Certificate & QSL. Thomas Martin, 812 W B St, Iron Mountain, MI 49801. Veterans Day at the UP Veterans Memorial [email protected]

11/11/2011 | Veterans Day Special Event Nov 11, 1000Z-1400Z, W3UDX, Butler, PA. Butler County Amateur Radio Association. 14.250 7.200 3.900. QSL. Obie King, 336 Westbrook Dr, Butler, PA 16001.

11/11/2011 | Salute to Veterans Nov 11, 1500Z-2000Z, K0GRL, Bellevue, NE. Strategic Air Command Memorial Amateur Radio Club. 14.247 7.247. QSL. SACMARC, Inc, PO Box 1292, Bellevue, NE 68005. From the Eastern Nebraska Veterans' Home, SACMARC members pay tribute to veterans from all services and conflicts. 40 m SSB prime, other bands on request. Ragchews welcome. SASE please.

11/11/2011 | 3rd Annual Fleming Island & Hibernia Baptist Church Bike & Car Show Nov 11-Nov 13, 1700Z-1700Z, K4R, Fleming Island, FL. Clay County ARES & Hibernia Baptist Church. 21.290 14.240 7.190 3.940. QSL. Joe Bassett, 1503 Greenway Pl, Fleming Island, FL 32003.

11/11/2011 | USS South Dakota BB57 Veterans Day Nov 11-Nov 12, 1200Z-0500Z, W0V, Sioux Falls, SD. Northern Plains Amateur Radio Council, Northwest Iowa ARC, Worthington, MN ARC. 18.140 14.260 7.260. QSL. Mark Carlson, 135 1st St, Ashton, IA 51232.

11/11/2011 | Veteran's Day at AMVETS 2000 Nov 11, 1500Z-2359Z, W4NPT, North Port, FL. North Port Amateur Radio Club. 14.270 7.190 14.052 7.052. QSL. NPARC, PO Box 7716, North Port, FL 34290.

11/12/2011 | US Veterans Day; US Marine Corp Birthday Established 1775 Nov 12, 1600Z-2359Z, NI6IW, San Diego, CA. USS Midway (CV-41) Museum Radio Operations Room. SSB 14.320 7.250 PSK31 14.070 D-STAR 012C 2 m 70 cm SOCAL rptrs. QSL. USS Midway Museum Radio Room, 910 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA. [email protected]

11/12/2011 | Veterans Day Special Triple Event honoring Veterans Day, US Marine Corps Birthday, Loss of The Five Sullivan Brothers Nov 12-Nov 13, 1500Z-2200Z, W0FSB, Waterloo, IA. Five Sullivan Brothers Amateur Radio Club. 21.240 14.240 7.240. Certificate & QSL. Five Sullivan Brothers ARC, 4015 Independence Ave, Waterloo, IA 50703. A Special 8x10 glossy certificate or QSL card will be available; for cert send your card and $1; for card your card and #10 SASE. [email protected]

11/12/2011 | Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Woman's Sufferage Event Nov 12-Nov 13, 1400Z-2100Z, K2JJI, Johnstown, NY. Tryon Amateur Radio Club. See URL for freqs. Certificate. Tryon Amateur Radio Club, 230 Old State Rd, Johnstown, NY 12095. This is the first annual event in recognition for Elizabeth Cady Stanton, often credited with initiating the first organized woman's rights and woman's suffrage movements in the United States. All detail information is found at

11/12/2011 | Oklahoma Statehood Celebration Nov 12, 1400Z-2200Z, K5EOK, Guthrie, OK. Edmond Amateur Radio Society. 21.268 14.268 7.268. Certificate. Edmond Amateur Radio Society, PO Box 48, Edmond, OK 73083. We'll be using emergency power from the historic Santa Fe Depot in Guthrie, OK, the original capital of Oklahoma Territory and the first state capital. Built in 1903, the Santa Fe Depot in Guthrie is reportedly haunted by the spirit of one of the Harvey House waitresses that used to live in the building. The MidAmerica Paranormal Science Team visited the site in 2008 and recorded a fascinating video of what they believe is the ghost.

11/12/2011 | Stuart Airshow- A Salute to Veterans Nov 12-Nov 13, 1300Z-2000Z, K4ZK, Stuart, FL. Martin County Amateur Radio Association. 14.280 14.028 7.026 Echo Link 315546. QSL. Wayne Devrous Jr, W2BLS, PO Box 1901, Special Event Chairman, Stuart, FL 34995. Visit or

11/12/2011 | Highlands and Islands Nov 12-Nov 13, 0900Z-1500Z, W5SGL, Gulfport, MS. Mississppi Coast Amateur Radio Association. 14.260 14.285 14.305 15 m if open. QSL. MCARA/W5SGL, PO Box 1785, Gulfport, MS 39502. or

11/12/2011 | Museum Sailing Ships "Star of India" and "HMS Surprise" Nov 12-Nov 13, 1600Z-2300Z, NS6IO, San Diego, CA. Star of India Amateur Radio Club. Star of India 28.350 14.275 alternating every 2 hours with CW 28.025 14.035 HMS Surprise 28.375 14.265 Both 2 M 70 cm VHF UHF FM alternating between major repeaters in Southern California. Certificate. Star of India Amateur Radio Club, 1492 Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101. Times are daily.

11/17/2011 | NRA's 140th Birthday Nov 17, 1500Z-2359Z, K7NRA, Paulden, AZ. Yavapai Amateur Radio Club. 21.335 14.250 14.050 7.250. Certificate. YARC, PO Box 11994, Prescott, AZ 86304. 9X12 SASE please.

11/19/2011 | Radio Club of America Awards & Banquet 2011 Nov 19, 1300Z-2200Z, W2RCA, Fort Worth, TX. Radio Club of America. 14.270 7.270. QSL. Ronald Jakubowski, 8500 Ridgewood Ave, Apt 103, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920.

11/25/2011 | Steamship PORTLAND Commemorative Event Nov 25, 1400Z-2100Z, W1P, Eastham, MA. Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club. 14.320 14.267 7.260. QSL. Henry Brown, 19 Sao Paulo Dr, East Falmouth, MA 02536.

11/26/2011 | Radio On The Square Nov 26-Nov 27, 1300Z-1900Z, K4VRC, Lady Lake, FL. The Villages Amateur Radio Club. SSB 14.266 7.255 CW 14.066 7.033 PSK31 14.072 7.036. Certificate. Dennis Hardoin, 601 Lacy Pl, Lady Lake, FL 32162.

11/26/2011 | The First Pilgrim Landing at Plymouth Nov 26-Nov 27, 1300Z-1900Z, WA1NPO, Plymouth, MA. Whitman Amateur Radio Club. 18.160 14.260 7.260 3.860 EchoLink: WA1NPO-R IRLP:8691. Certificate & QSL. Whitman ARC, PO Box 48, Whitman, MA 02382. Times are daily.

11/26/2011 | Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Launch of OSCAR 1 Ham Sat Nov 26-Dec 17, 0000Z-2300Z, W9O, Louisville, KY. Louisville Astronomical Society Radio Club. 14.260 14.030 7.245 7.030. QSL. Mark S. Williams, K9GX, POB 5973, Elizabeth, IN 47117. Various Amateur Radio clubs in Kentucky and southern Indiana also participating. or

11/26/2011 | Celebration of the Centennial of the Birth of Grote Reber, W9GFZ (SK) Nov 26-Dec 17, 0000Z-2300Z, W9G, Louisville, KY. Louisville Astronomical Society Club Station. 14.260 14.030 7.245 7.030 . QSL. Mark S. Williams, K9GX, POB 5973, Elizabeth, IN 47117. Various Kentucky and southern Indiana radio clubs also participating. Request $2 donation with QSL requests to offset the cost of printing and postage. or

If you know of any more special events please e-mail W8RIF or K8WX and they will be added.

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