Assistance Needed for AREDN Mesh installations at various Lucas County Hospitals. Contact Vern Snow at [email protected] for more info. Thanks for those who supported LCARES Annual Truck Sale and Swap on May 5Check out the Announcement Page for up to the moment announcements.ARES In Brief Net will be cancelled on Sundays that we have an ARES event or a holiday that falls on a Sunday.

ARES-in-Brief Announcements

Week of June 16, 2024

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    Five (5) AREDN nodes have been installed on the roof of Promedica Flower Hospital. We would like to thank Chrissy KC8UFV, Rich KE8IJV, and Jim KE8IJU for the work necessary to accomplish this. On to the next Hosptial
    ARES is looking for and asking for additional volunteers who could assist with the installation of the AREDN Mesh equipment at the local hospitals. Contact Vern W8VHS for info.
    Entry proceedures for Promedica Toledo Hospital have changed. The changes will be explained at the April General Meeting and a new entry proceedure document will be circulated once the document has been edited to reflect the changes.
    Friday, July 5th is the monthly siren test. The net will start at 11:45 on the 147.270 and 442.850 linked  repeaters. Net Control will take checkins, wait for the sirens to sound at noon.  Net Control will then take reports as to where sirens were heard.
    The next scheduled LCARES Hospital Radio Test will be TBD at TBD. Contact Rich King KE8IJV for more info. The NORC-2 tests will go on as normally scheduled.
    The Northwest Ohio Regional Communications 2 Meter Net (NORC-2) is the first Wednesday of January, April, July and October at 1 PM on 147.375. Then next session will be January 3
    The Northwest Ohio Regional Communications HF Net (NORC) is the first Saturday of the month at 9 AM. This net starts on or about 3910 KHz with an alternate frequency of about 7215 KHz.
    On Monday evenings at 8:30pm. There is an Ohio DMR Net held on Talk Group 3139. The Net covers all 10 ARES districts in Ohio. Lucas County is in District 1 so we are first up. The Net Control Station asks for your call sign, first name, and county. If you have a DMR radio please consider participating
    Activity reporting is available on the website's Active Member Area. This google form will assist the Leadership in accounting for time spent on Amateur Radio projects, events, nets and the like. It is very similar to ARRL's ARES Connect system. Contact Mike W8MAL if you have questions or comments.
    Net Controllers- There is a form on the website's Active Member Area to directly input your net report data into a spreadsheet to allow for a more streamlined process. Contact Mike W8MAL if you have questions or comments.
    ARRL National Traffic System Radiogram training is available to members via Email correspondence. Contact Mike W8MAL - [email protected] - to enroll or for questions.
    Lucas County ARES Education AEC is currently looking for a qualified individual to assist in presenting FLDIGI training. Please contact Mike W8MAL - [email protected] for more information.
    The next LCARES general meeting will be Saturday, June 22, 2024 at the Lucas County EMS Training Center, 2127 Jefferson Ave., Toledo. The meeting starts at 9 AM. The training topic is TBD. Contact Mike W8MAL to suggest a topic for education.
    Upcoming Training Schedule:
      June- Net Operations
      July- NTS Overview
      August- NTS Basics
      September- TBD
    Thanks to those who renewed their membership in Lucas County ARES.
    The next LCARES Board of Trustees meeting will be Saturday, July 20, 2024 at the The Lucas County EMS Training Center, 2127 Jefferson Ave., Toledo.  The meeting starts at 8 AM.

Updated: June 16, 2024 12:14

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