Lucas County Skywarn is overseen by Assistant Emergency Coordinator Vern Snow W8VHS. At any time that the National Weather Service issues a Severe Thunderstorm Watch/Warning, Tornado Watch/Warning or any other time the National Weather Service requests, the Lucas County Skywarn Net will become active. If you are a licensed ham and have an interest in participating, please contact Vern.


Condition RED

Active Tornado Warning. Maintain radio silence unless you have a wall cloud (rotating or non-rotating), funnel cloud, tornado, or a life or death emergency.

Condition YELLOW

Active Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Directed net. Report only if weather phenomenon meets severe criteria, as defined by the NWS.

Condition GREEN

Maintaining a state of readiness; no active warnings. Normal use of repeater/frequency may exist, but longer breaks between transmissions should be taken to allow for break-in for a Weather Alert, should it be needed.

Current Watches and Warnings

Each Month on the First Friday, the Lucas County Skywarn Training Net is held at 11:30am on the 147.270.
All ham radio operators from ANY county that can hit the repeater are welcome to check-in to the net.

Please note that this is a training net!  All hams can and should become familiar with Net Control operations. Please contact the Net Manager to get your name on the list to become a net control - as it is a perfect forum to train as a net controller. In Northwest Ohio during severe weather, the National Weather Service is actively looking for our feedback. This net is designed to help you become comfortable in running a net in a severe weather type of situation with several check-ins.

Siren Training Net Preamble and Script

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Skywarn Coordinator. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.