When All Else Fails... Amateur Radio

N8YD Echolink Node 489023

Open for general use, N8YD has made his Echolink node available for those who would like to try it out. There are simple commands, similar to common repeater functions. There are simplex nodes, repeaters, conferences, and individual hams one can connect with via Echolink, literally around the globe.

The N8YD node does operate simplex, so if two stations are on the node at once, you may not hear the other station. Think of the node as a "remote base" that someone would use for a simplex net. There may be several on the net that you're unable to hear, but everyone can hear the fixed station.

Currently the node is setup on 147.580 simplex, with a 162.2Hz CTCSS tone. The antenna is at approximately 15 ft. The node is located just north of Greenville, and currently operates at 5 watts.

On with use and features!

If you happen to know the node number for the station/user you'd like to connect to, simply dialing the node number on your DTMF pad will connect you. There are some "shortcuts" listed below. If anyone would like a shortcut added, please contact N8YD. Of course, to disconnect, dial # (Pound). To check the status of the node, dial 0.

The following nodes are provided a 3-digit "shortcut." Simply dial the 3-digit number to connect.

111 - *ECHOTEST* Conference - Audio Test Server
112 - *WORLD* Conference - Echolink/IRLP bridges - World Wide Friendship Net
113 - W1IDX-L Simplex Node - Richmond, IN - 145.725 (131.8 Hz PL)
114 - *DODROPIN* Conference - DODROPIN Nets / Ham Nation After Show Net
115 - *U-NODE* Conference - Echolink/IRLP - Buckeye Public Service Net / Ohio ARES

Please feel free to try the node, as it's normally on. If it's not available, try back in a while.