When All Else Fails... Amateur Radio

Contact Us!

Jeff Yantis, KD8KIR
Emergency Coordinator
(937) 603-9054

[email protected]

Lowell Miller, W8QIY
Assistant Emergency Coordinator
(937) 548-5490
[email protected]

On the Air...

DCARES members often frequent the 146.790 (-) W8QIY repeater (94.8Hz Tone) in Greenville, OH. This is our primary communications frequency, which is sponsored by the Treaty City ARA, and location provided by Darke County EMA. This repeater does have emergency power. 146.580 simplex is often used as a secondary frequency, though several do frequent there as well.

Monday evenings at 7:00pm local time, our DCARES net is held each week. All are welcome to check in, make announcements, or inquire on the latest ham radio happenings in the area.