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Morse Code

Ham radio in the states used to require the knowledge of knowing CW Continuous Wave or Morse Code. At different speed levels and through testing you could climb the ranks of ham radio. Not so long ago the FCC stopped CW testing and this was done to bolster radio sales and ham radio membership. CW is still a very important mode to us today. Morse code provides a simple letter and symbol based communication system by means of any type of signal that can be switched on and off ... light, sound, hand signal etc. As such, it can accommodate messages in any language that uses the familiar Roman (English) alphabet. While using the simplest possible transmitting and receiving equipment, it is highly immune to noise, and can succeed over very noisy frequencies, in low propagation and with the lowest power with the simplest of equipment.

With the Code requirement gone CW has is starting to become tougher to learn as we are losing operators to help teach CW to us that want to learn. This sad fact was adressed by Sigurd Stenersen, LB3KB. Who came up with a program called Just Learn Morse Code. His love for CW and the hobby truely shows in this effort as the program is a wonderfully simple to use personal CW teacher. Sigurd made this program to help the hobby learn his love for Morse Code. I hope that you find the love for CW as I did also in using Just Learn Morse Code.

Here are some links to get you started in CW.

Just Learn Morse Code
Straight Key Century Club

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