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Peninsula Amateur Radio Club
W4MT - Newport News, Virginia


If you are not yet a Ham, we will be glad to help you get started. If you are already a Ham come join us and work with a great group of Hams.

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To become a Member complete the application.

PARC Membership Application Process

It is not necessary to be a Ham to apply. There are no age limits. Annual Membership is $12 for an Individual or Family. Dues are $1.00 per month. For example, after June 30 of each year, a person joining can pay just $6 for the remainder of the first year. Send the form and a check to:

Dick Barnes, N4BC
32 Dwight Rd
Newport News, Va. 23601
The check should be made payable to: "PARC".

You will be notified by an email sent to the address you provided if your membership has been approved after the funds are deposited. If you are not approved your payment will be refunded.

PARC Membership Form Instructions

Download the Application Form: PARCMemberApplication.pdf and open it. Leave blank or enter “N/A” for responses which are not applicable. For “Areas of Interest” and “Committees in Which You Have an Interest” check the corresponding box. None are required.

Download Membership Application