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    Our Weekly Net is held at 7:00 PM every Tuesday Night on the 147.000 MHz repeater DUP-, PL 100.
    Many radios will automatically adjust 147.000 as a positive offset.
    If you are having trouble check that the offset you are using is, in fact, negative.

    PARC Meetings
    Have Been Cancelled Due to the

    Our Monthly Business and Program Meetings will normally be held at
    7:30 PM in the
    Newport News Police Station Headquarters Building in the Community Room.
    This is located at 9710 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23605.

    Each meeting is a combination of program and business sessions.
    If the Community Room is not available, we will meet at
    Rocky Mount Bar-B-Q or
    The Newport News Public Library.

    Due to the


    All scheduled meetings have been cancelled,
    This website will be updated when new information is available.



    April 1 NNPD
    May 6 NNPD
    June 3NNPD


    Dinner is Before the Meeting

    Dinner is before the meeting (Dutch Treat) at 6:00 pm at
    Rocky Mount Bar-B-Q,
    10113 Jefferson Avenue.
    Please DO NOT park next door in Fantasy’s parking lot.

    As of our January 2019 Meeting,
    Rick Ross, KG4TAX, is President
    Charlie Stokes, WB4PVT, is Vice President
    Janet Jenkins, KC4YWY, is Secretary
    Dick Barnes, N4BC, is Treasurer
    of PARC.


    See the Notices Link for any possible change.

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