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Peninsula Amateur Radio Club
W4MT - Newport News, Virginia

Our Monthly Business and Program Meetings will normally be held at 7:30 PM the first Wednesday of each month. Because of the Virus they are only being held online.

Meetings Scheduled for 2021

  Date     Place  
January 6 Online
February 3 Online
March 3 Online
April 7 Online
May 5 Online
June 2 Online
July 7 Online
August 4 Online
September 1 Online
October 6 Online
November 3 Online
December 1 TBD Christmas Party

If you would like to attend our Online (Zoom) Meeting contact Rick Ross, KG4TAX, [email protected]

The Rocky Mount Barbecue was a popular restaurant many of us would visit prior to our meeting.  We expect that this also will resume after the virus has subsided. We are NOT having our Dinners currently.

We have a monthly Net at 1900 on the third Sunday of each month, 145.23, 100 Hz tone.