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BARC Meeting Videos by Peter Van Houten, N4PVH

Info and links about W4AMC Facebook groups

Ham Chatter Archive   1982 HC Archives

BARC News   6/2/20

Videos 5/15/19

Pictures 12/12/18

Tarheel Antennas Instruction Manuals

Add County Lines to your Garmin Nuvi GPS

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Club Information

BARC General Information

BARC Meeting & Membership Info

BARC Officials   2021

Contact Information

BARC Dues  1/1/18

BARC Application Form  3/21/11

BARC Constitution  Amended 11/13/2018

BARC Brochure 6/22/07

BARC NCS Format  3/29/10

VFW Post 7032 Map & Pictures


Amateur Radio Links  

Amateur Radio Equipment links

American Radio Relay League

ARRL NC Section - WA4AKB Editor

FCC ULS Register, Renew, Modify. FREE!

DX Activity - New DX Summit spots

Sunspot Activity

Realtime Lightning Detectors

Pitt County Repeater Association

Amateur Radio Licensing Help

Amateur Radio Practice Exam Sites

Amateur Radio Practice Exams QRZ

The Case for CW by K8SIW



Club Activities

Emergency Preparedness

BARC Late Information and News

Skywarn Script - Active/Standby Mode 5/18/09

Ham Chatter Newsletter

Hurricane On-line Report Form NHC 

Ham Chatter Newsletter Archives 6/97 to 12/07

Emergency Radio - ARRL

Ham Chatter Newsletter Archives 12/08 to 5/15

Weather & Emergency Preparedness

Pictures/Video of BARC Activities

Preparing for a Tornado-1.pdf  5/5/14 

Club Members Home Pages

NERPC Report


Form ICS-213 - Use if activated 7/19/10

Area Nets

FEMA Independent Study Program - Course

BARC Ham of the Year awards list 12/15/18

Return Questionnaire  to KG4WEZ

Technician Class Training Guides

BARC-ARES 2018 Questionnaire

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SDR Videos - The basics.

BARC Event Checklist - Fill out and email to president @ w4amc.com
Exercise "Strong Angel" - June 2000 - Organized by the United States Navy Third Fleet

Tarheel Antennas Instruction Manuals


Thanks to our supporters

Monday & Monday, CPA's, PA  - K4ZYD

Marks Marine KD4MTT

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