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Exercise "Strong Angel"

BARC Press Release

UPDATE - June 13, 0300Z - Pictures were transmitted between KQ2V/KH6, Hawaii and W1VOA, Greenville on 17 Meters. Also, it is reported that the only communications between the Strong Angel Base in Hawaii and Greenville, NC is by Amateur Radio. Simon, KQ2V/KH6, reported the area is 3300 feet above sea level on the big island and looks like a moonscape. Satellite communications have failed due to high winds.

W1VOA Command Center at VOA Site C K4ROK in Commnad Center 28 of over 80 towers at VOA Site C.

W1VOA Command Center

K4ROK Checking Rig

28 of over 80 towers!

Decommissioned Voice of America Site C.
Click on pictures for larger version. Pictures via Hi8 video and Snappy.

June 10-11 - Start of Exercise "Strong Angel".  Contact was may between BARC member, Brother Simon Jaworski, KQ2V/KH6, with the Strong Angel group on the island of Hawaii and W1VOA at former VOA Site C on 20, 17 and 15 meters. Band conditions were not good but on the last contact at 0210Z, signals were Q5 coming from Hawaii.  Reports going back were also Q5.  W1VOA was running 100 watts into a rhombic about 1600 feet long and about 200+ feet high. Operators at W1VOA were Doug Ferris, K4ROK, Jim Smith, KF4VHH, and Paul Fletcher, KS4YF. The object is to establish Amateur Radio communications between Strong Angel, an unprecedented military and humanitarian exercise, and the ECU Medical Center in Greenville. Several Pacific rim countries are also involved with the exercise. K4ROK went to his home QTH at the end of the session and made contact with Hawaii.  W4YDY also talked to Simon and assisted from his station. A daily schedule will be run from W1VOA to KQ2V/KH6. The exercise ends on June 16.

For more information, check out the BARC Press Release.

Former VOA receiving Site C is a ham's paradise with 20 rhombic and 4 log periodic antennas on over 80 towers (200 to 300 feet high) pointing East, West and South on 600 acres! Also still on the site is a 400 foot tower for microwave antennas and a 30+ foot dish for satellite work.

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