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BARC Meeting Videos by
Peter Van Houten, N4PVH

November 2019  How to use free 4NEC2 antenna modeling software to examine antenna configurations. - 43 minutes
February 2020 In depth look at the radio signal process in FT8 mode by K4RGN.   - 69 minutes
March 2020 DMR radio presented by KE4TZN & WB4PMQ  - 44 minutes
April 2020 Amelia Earhart by KN4R "Radio and the Disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan"  PW; BARC-W4AMC   - 94 minutes
May 2020 Patrolling the Ether by KN4R FCC's Radio Intelligence Division (RID) in WW2 -- PW; BARC-W4AMC   - 68 minutes


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