The Station

         The W3PP station is housed in a 16' x 48' foot building constructed by local hams during the summer of 1997.  The operating room is approximately 16 x 30 which includes a kitchenette.  On one end of the station is a 4 bunk sleeping area which is insulated from the operating room by a bathroom and small storage area.

         There are currently (Nov 2007) 6 operating positions.  All positions are networked through an Ethernet with Dell Dimension 3000 computers and are set up for use with N1MMLogger software.  Here is the present equipment lineup

    10 Meters                       160 Meters                  80 Meters          
FT-1000MP                   TS-940SAT                 FT-1000MP  
         Alpha 76C Amp              Titan 425 Amp            AL 1500 Amp          

15 Meters                                 20 Meters                             40 Meters
       FT-1000MP                             FT-1000MP                          FT-1000MP   
         Alpha 77D Amp                       Alpha 91B Amp                     Puma Amp        

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          The station is configured in a "U" shape.  I tried to stitch some of these photos together to show there relative positions.  Angles at the corners of the "U" make it a little funky though so I have put together a top view plan that shows the station arrangement.

The left side of the operating room.

The right side of the operating room.