Like most amateurs, I have engaged in numerous homebrew projects over the years.  The failures far exceed the room available here, so I will present a few of the successes.   This page is a work in progress, so I will add to it as I organize my thoughts.  The first project that I will discuss relates to antenna stacking.  It is excerpted from an article that I wrote and had published in CQ Contest magazine in January 2000.  The magazine went out of business a few months later.  My contribution may have had something to do with that....  Other projects to be included here are keying fixtures for CW and PTT interface to computer LPT ports for use with logging programs, and an interface box for use with programs that use .wav audio files for recording and transmitting. 

          Click on the icons below to view the associated project files.  The LPT Interface page and Audio Interface pages are stll being written, but you can get an idea of where they are going.