On The Road

      During my career with the foreign service, I was fortunate to be able to travel to over 100 DXCC entities.  I operated from some of them with my calls, and others I guest operated at others stations.  Some of the calls I held and operated with were ON8CE Antwerp, DA1DC Frankfurt, HB0/DA1DC Liechtenstein, 7Q7DC Malawi, CP1/K3WUW LaPaz, K3WUW/KP4 San Juan, K3WUW/KH6 Honolulu, K3WUW/KL7 and W3PP/KL7 Juneau, and HS0ZBI Bangkok.  I was a guest operator at VS6WO, YB0ARA, HS0AC, E20AT, E22DX, HS8SEA, KH6SP, HB0/DA1WA, HI8XFG, 9J2JN, 7Z1AB, W4KFC W3MSK/W3AU and of course many years at K4CG. More recently I operated with team C6APR during the 2008 and 2009 IOTA and CQWW Contests.


      As far as DXCC goes, I am not an avid dxer, more of a contester.  As such, and because of being in the relatively rare state of Delaware, I have managed to collect lots of cards.  I am an ARRL field checker for DXCC.  I have cards from 335 (328 current) entities.   I have also qualified for 5BDXCC and 5BWAS and Triple Play. 


      I receive about 6000 QSL cards a year and it is quite a task keeping up with them.  Because of the large number of cards that I receive, being in a somewhat rare state, SASEs IRCs or Green Stamps are greatly appreciated.  The direct cards go out within a few weeks, but the Buro cards take a lot longer.  I participate in LoTW but not E-QSL.  Uploads take quite a while from my slow dial-up access, so I don't update as frequently as I should.  I am also QSL Manager for E21CJN and KT3W.