The Operators

      W3PP has been graced by a number of fine operators.  It has also been the platform for training new contest operators.  Some of the ops are local amateurs from here on the eastern shore, and many travel some distance to get here.  Guest ops have come from Japan, Oregon,  New Mexico and Kentucky.  The regular operators come to the station from South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and of course Delaware.

      Here are some thumbnails of many of them.  Some are not shown as I didn't get pictures of them,  The MIAs are listed below the thumbs.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger photo.

     Jon AA1K                    Bruce  AA5B             Yoshi JG7AMD         Chuck K3FT (SK)

 Al K3TKJ            Jim KB3AFT         Jess KD5FWV         Layton KE3T         

Ken N3GN                  Glen N3HUV                   Ed N3KW                     Tony N3ME  

   Bob N3PT                     Chet N4FX                     Chick NW3Y             Carl NX3A   

Pete W2GJ                    Rick W3KQ                 Ron W3OR                    Parris W3PAR  

   Dallas W3PP                    Al W3QU              Chris WK2W               Pat KW3Z      

     Pip WB4FDT           Ron WV8RS              Jim N2EA            Jose N4BAA      

      In addition to these, not shown are Jeanie AB1P, Jerry K3MGT, Adam K3TTT, Jeff KD3UC, Carey KT4P, Ian K5ZM, Joel KS3F, Olaf N3ONM, Jordan N3WDL, Lynn N3YE, Tim N4GN, Ron N4MO, Norm W3IZ, Sal WM2H, Denny KB3MJ, Roy K1RY, Rick K3JD, Rick WW3DE, Bill K3WI and my neighbor Phil Heck, N3RRR

      Here are a few group photos taken under fire.

           99 CQWW CW                     04 ARRL DX Phone