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USA Call Sign Look-ups


The QRZ US/International Callsign Lookup

Enter a callsign, name, or address to search for:


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The Buckmaster HamCall US/International Callsign Look-up

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Search by Name/Address/Prefix, QSL Manager, etc.

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Street Address: City:
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Postal/ZIP Code: Country:
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Search Tips: For the sake of search speed, numbers and 2-letter abbreviations are
not indexed in the Street Address field, and numbers are not indexed in the City field.
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ARRL License Data Look-up

Call Sign / Name Search:


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UALR Callsign Look-up

Search by Call Sign:

Callsign:  (exact match only)

Search by name and/or address:

    Name:  (last name, first -- example: burns, frank)
    City:  (partial allowed)
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WM7D's Callsign Look-up

Search By Call Sign:


  (Callsign or Lastname, Firstname; Use "?" or "*" for wildcards)
Search by address:



Zip Code:  

  Zip code must be an exact match.  NO WILDCARDS

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AE7Q's Callsign Look-up

Show license, trustee, & application history, plus repeaters (callsign):

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FCC Data Base Query

License Search

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International Call Sign Look-ups


RW1QM  International Callsign Lookup

Enter a callsign to search for:

QSL Info Keyword Search:

Number of documents:      RW1QM Web Site


Canada Callsign Lookup

Enter a callsign to search for:


Search by name and/or address:

Street Address:
Postal Code:
Club Name:
Detailed results     Show up to records per page

     Radio Amateurs of Canada Home Page

Call Sign Servers for Other Countries

  • ADD TO THIS LIST! - Please e-mail us if you know of other Call Sign Lists

Lookup - Database Lookup;  List - One big list of everyone;  Search - List with search capability;  Email - Request/response by e-mail

QSL Manager Look-ups


IK3QAR  QSL Manager Search

       IK3QAR's Web Site 


GOLIST QSL Manager Search

Log In First:  Your CallSign:
Password (or e-mail address):  

Dx Station:        GOLIST QSL Mgr Web Site


QRZ QSL Manager Search

       QRZ QSL Search Web Site


Buckmaster HamCall QSL Manager Search

       Buckmaster HamCall Web Site

Membership Look-ups


10-10 International Search

       WM7D's 10-10 Search Site

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