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Have trouble with the hardware,
the Indonesian e-callbook service is closing down.
I am sorry for inconvenient caused.

For the new Indonesian callbook website, please visit :

YB�EMJ provides an experimental Indonesian e-Callbook,
dedicated to the amateur radio community worldwide.
This service has established since 1995.
The database also could be look-up, added or updated by email.

The response may be too slowly or even it may not work properly
because the server is in the Amateur Packet Radio (AMPR) Network
and access time depends entirely on the radio frequency's traffic,
load at the AMPRNet-Internet gateway, etc.
Note: The machine shutdown from 20:00 to 21:00 UTC daily for maintenance.

To date the database contains more than 40,000 Indonesian callsigns.
Special thanks to the Contributors who helped this service operational.

Access by Email

To access the e-Callbook database via email, send a message to :

[email protected]

Callsign Lookups

In the message subject
type the callsigns you want to look up.

Example :

5 callsigns max. separated by spaces.
Any text in the body of message will be ignored.

Data Updates

In the message subject type :-


And in the message body,
type your data with the following format :

   Line 1 : Callsign (Indonesian call only)
   Line 2 : Full name (40 characters max.)
   Line 3 : Full Address (60 characters max.)
   Line 4 : City name (40 characters max.)
   Line 5 : Postcode (7 characters max.)
   Line 6 : QSL-Info (50 characters max.)
   Line 7 : Email Address (50 characters max.)
   Line 8 : URL/HomePage (60 characters max.)
   Line 9 : 'Lokal' name (25 characters max.)
   Line 10 : License Expired (format DD/MM/YYYY)
example: 31/12/2004

First line must be a valid Indonesian amateur radio callsign.
You may fill in only lines in which the data want to be added or changed.
Put a "-" (dash without quotes) in the empty lines.

If your email address is valid, you will receive a confirmation
message for the updates.

Example :


The e-Callbook contains Indonesian amateur radio callsigns only.

5 (five) callsigns maximum are allowed for each look up request,
and 1 (one) callsign only for each update request message.

This service is just for experimental purpose only and the author
may discontinue or revise this service at its sole discretion and
without prior notice.

We always need the latest callsign data from all areas and districts,
your contributions are highly appreciated.
Click here to view current e-Callbook contributors.

If you have any questions, problems, bugs, and suggestions
please do not hesitate to email me.

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