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The Shack
Welcome to Amateur Radio World's "The Shack", a place for young Hams, up to the age of 18, to hang out and exchange e-mail and information about themselves and their interests. There doesn't seem to be a lot of younger Hams around these days. Two major reasons may be because most young Amateurs: 1) think the hobby is just too expensive for them to really enjoy, and 2) there aren't many places on the air or Net just for them.

Well, The Shack is a place for younger hams to meet. Leave us your name, e-mail address, call, and additional information to share with other visitors. Then make new friends around the world, exchange mail, and even setup on-air schedules. Enjoying Amateur Radio really doesn't have to cost a fortune, and by sharing information on how to do things, you can help make the most of a great hobby.

Michelle and I hope you enjoy this page.

Contact Corner

Welcome to The Shack's Contact Corner, a place for you to share your name, callsign and e-mail address. The information you see here was provided by other young Amateurs visiting this page, and logging in with the required information. This is great information for contacting a new station you need, or building a new friendship with someone you may, or may not, meet in person. The accuracy of this information is only as good as what is provided to ARWorld.

WARNING: All information contained on this page, as well as any other page in Amateur Radio World, is for the exclusive, private use of the participants only.  Any commercial or other use of the information on this page is strictly prohibited.  Please let us know if you feel your information has been abused or misused in any way.

Listed alphabetically by callsign or name (if no callsign):


Join "The Shack". Simply fill in the form below and click on submit, and when we update this site, we will add your information to the Contact Corner list (if you want us to), which can be found above.

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73 es CUL de

Michelle WA4WSP & Jeff W0QO

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Last Updated September 20, 2000