Miscellaneous Pictures in La Rochelle France

A Parade "Cavalcade" in 1961

Below Pictures provided by Red Greene
He was in La Rochelle 1959-60, and was a Radio Operator
at Aufredi and the rail head at Olonne sur mer

Bastille Day Parade

Local Park

The towers on a very calm day

Red at Laleu in one of the Citroen vans we used.

Radio Van that was used at Olonne Sur Mer, for commo to La Rochelle

Inside the radio van

Dry Dock Area

The Sub building had very little damage after all the bombing of WW2

Pill Box near Laleu

If you have any pictures of the 77th in
France, or Germany, please email them

Jeumont Kaserne

Croix Chapeau

Laleu Kaserne

Pictures from La Rochelle France

Pictures from Kassel and Rothwesten

106th Transportation Bn

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