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          Who .... When ....Where

                                                   And time keeps ticking away ....

Proposed timetable for the DXpedition                                                   

1.   27/28 August 2000 -  VK8DK (Len), VK8TM (Terry),
      VK6YS (Wally) and Curly meet Kevin Lane, our skipper.
      Leave Darwin on Tearaway for Troughton Island.  Click
      on Kevin's name and you can meet him too.                                                               
2.   Pick up VK8AN (Dan) at Troughton on 30 August. 
      Stock up with fresh water and ice.  Grab our last
      chance for hot showers.

3.   30/31 August - Leave Troughton to sail to Browse
                                     Life on the ocean wave .... Oh! Alright!  The sea, then.

4.   1-5 September - Operate from Browse Island (VK6BM). 
5.   6 September - Leave Browse to sail to Cassini
      Island.  Planning to arrive at Cassini on 7 September.
6.   7-11 September - Operate from Cassini Island (VK6CJ).
7.   12 September - Say goodbye to the Islands.  Drop
      VK8AN (Dan) off at Troughton, restock with fresh
      water and ice and dive under HOT SHOWERS.
8.   13-17 September - Leave Troughton to sail back to
9.   Spend lots of time going over all the things we did, the
      fun we had, and all the things we should have done and
      didn't think of this time. 
10.        Plot and plan for the next trip!!!

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All About Kevin

Hello there folks,  I'm Kevin Lane the owner and Kevin Lane, owner and skipper of the Catamaran, Tearaway. And he's just as cheerful as he looks
skipper of the Catamaran Tearaway.

If you know anything about boats and their owners, you won't be surprised to hear that Tearaway is my pride and joy.  I've had her for about seventeen years and, when I'm not tied up doing other things, I like nothing better than hopping aboard and making for the open water.  There's nothing like it. 

I've done two complete trips around Australia and have written two books on navigating in Australian waters.  There are currently three more books in the pipeline, and guess what?  They're about boats and navigating too!  I bet you'd never have guessed that.

When I'm not on the water, I get involved in all sorts of things, like mud brick building construction and driving buses.  But nothing compares with sailing on Tearaway.  So, as you can guess, I'm really happy to be a part of this venture.  I think it's going to be one big party, and that suits me fine.  Tearaway and good company.  What more could you want?

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