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     Hey!  Voices Have Faces Too You Know

Scuba Diver being harrassed by fish

Meet our operators and see what they think they might be doing when they're not QSO'ing like crazy.  Maybe a little scuba diving?  Hmmm ..... cool, but needs a fair bit of energy.

Pictures of our operators.  They all thought they'd be hidden behind the palm trees.  Fooled 'em, didn't we!

D'ya reckon they think we can't see them trying to hide behind the palms?  Hey there, Wally!  Thought you could escape the eagle eye, didn't you?  Gotcha!!   Click on each operator for more background information.

Now, to get back to what they think they're going to be doing ........  Ahhh ..... how about a spot of hula dancing?  Daydreaming about it, anyway.   Very appealing and not too tiring ....

Mmmmm .... there's something very appealing about hula dancing ....

Surf's Up!

.....  might even summon up enough energy for surfing ..... 

..... or a cool dip?
Come on in, guys!  The water's lovely ....

..... hmmmm ..... perhaps not!

After careful consideration, our guys decided this got the most votes .....

                                      Had a strange dream while I was fishing the other day.  There was this funny looking fish which turned into a beautiful mermaid ... true!  But nobody ever believes fishing stories.  Sigh ....
But hang on there a minute!  That's a strange looking fish.  This might need closer inspection.   Any of these around your part of the world?

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Operator's Mini Bio's


VK6YS     Wally

Hi folks!  I'm 49 yo ... work in the offshore oil and gas industry as safety and environmental consultant/contractor.  I do a lot of work throughout SE Asia, particularly Indonesia.

I was first licensed in about 1978 ... VK6 Yampi Sound ... used to live on Cockatoo Island (OC-71) all through the 70's about 150 Km south of Browse Island.

We (Gaye and me, kids all gone!) live on a 5 acre lot about 35 Km south of Perth.  We designed and built our house about five years ago.  Took us 4 1/2 months working nights and weekends ... I have promised I will finish it soon!!!  (Only cosmetics to go ... I don't think it needs painting outside anyway!!!)

I am not allowed to drive the ride on Victa mower since the evening Gaye caught me showing off to Nigel VK6HD doing wheel stands with her mower!!!  (Well, that worked).

Wal & Gaye's house with Wal's Triumph on the verandah.Thought you might like to see a picture of our home with 9 el log periodic at 60 ft in the background and Triumph on the verandah just to show priorities.  Click on photo for larger view.

Her Ladyship Karubi, Managing Director.  Like that masterful pose?  Or should that be personful!And here's Karubi, the managing director of my company.  Click on photo to get a real close up look at Her Ladyship! 

Hobbies:  Motor cycles - currently riding a new Triumph - playing with computers, GPS, 4WD, guitar, building houses and so on (latest has been a strawbale office/studio wine cellar {high water table!!!}), generally gadgets - a bit of a gadget bower bird - .... oh, and radio ...

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VK8DK     Len

Hey there!  Glad to meet you all.  I was born in Denmark in 1939.  First licensed in 1956 - OZ7CK.  Migrated to Australia in 1963 and was involved in oil and mineral exploration around Australia for several years.  Spent 1969 at Casey Base, Antarctic as radio technician.  Wonderful experience and very different (primitive, real frontier stuff!) back then from present conditions I'm told.

Kept thinking about getting re-licensed for the next 28 years, but life kept getting in the way.  That's my story, anyway.  Finally got re-licensed in 1991 VK4DDK while living in Queensland.  About 1993, took part in a Dxpedition to Lord Howe Island with VK4FW, Bill.  And the DX radio bug really took hold.

Left Queensland late 1993 and worked for a few years in remote communities in the Northern Territory and changed to VK8DK.

Later in the wet season, Len and the tractor with slasher get lost in the 3+ metre grass!Sylvia (my wife) and I are currently living on 23 acres of bushland outside Katherine, NT.  The grass grows 3 metres every wet season and the Victa doesn't like it!  Wonder why?  We're frantically searchingDuring the dry this creek is just a trickle at the bottom of a gulley.  It would be about 4-5 metres deep in this picture. for 4 legged lawnmowers before the next wet starts.  Click on the photo at left for a bigger picture of the long grass and bush before it's really got away for the year!  And the one on the right for a larger image of our creek during the wet.

Current occupation is electrical contractor.  In my spare time I'm Our house shortly after it drowned in the 1998 Australia Day flood.  As you can see, it was resuscitated and, hopefully, we'll never again have a flood as bad as that one.attempting to finish our own house.  (the cooker standing inside the back door for 6 months and the holes in ceilings and walls are really only figments of my wife's imagination!)  Click on the picture to see the house in the very early stages.  That's me up the ladder.  We're living in the house now, and it really is nearly finished.

I'm very interested in growing things, specifically antennas!  The bigger the better but it's hard to find the right kind of seeds (and overcome domestic opposition to antenna crops outside the living room window!)   Our TV antenna looks amazingly like a piece of scrap wire, but it works beautifully.

Hobbies:  Radio, radio, radio ......

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VK8AN     Dan

Hi fellow hams.  I've been involved with amateur radio since 1955 when I obtained my novice license, KN6KMD.  I've since upgraded to Extra class and still hold the original K6KMD call.  After moving to Singapore in 1974, I operated there as 9V1VB until coming to Australia in 1990 where I've since operated as VK8AN.

I work as a helicopter pilot (flying the Super Puma, for those interested) from either Darwin or Troughton Island to oil rigs in the Timor Sea.  Working out of Troughton Island (OC-154) was my introduction to IOTA.  To be honest, I hadn't even heard of IOTA when I set up a little rig and vertical out there years ago.  I soon learned that Troughton was a rare place!  The pileups exceeded anything I'd experienced in 9V1 land.

In August 1999 I went to Goulburn Island (OC-229) with Peter, VK8PW and again experienced operating on a new island.

During my years of flying in the area around Troughton Island, I've been eyeing nearby Cassini Island and the more distant and beautiful Browse Island;  both new IOTA references.  So easy to reach by helicopter but so hard to get to for amateur operations;  this is a very remote part of the world!  Thus the Timor Sea DX Group was born to organise a trip to these two new islands.

Aside from amateur radio, my interests are RC aircraft and attempting to learn something about computers.

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VK8TM     Terry

Hi there.   I was born in Manchester (mainly because I wanted to be with my mum) in 1936.

I survived school and became an apprentice carpenter.  I then, by request, played soldiers for 2 years.  I came to OZ in 1962.  Arrived in the 'Alice' in '63, population about 1800, got married to Dell in '64 and added 4 to the population, which now stands at 27000.

I have worked on most of the major building projects in Alice Springs.  The hospital, casino, hotels, motels, airports and schools as either Construction or Project Manager.  I design and build my own homes, 4 so far (I'll get it right soon!)  It's been interesting watching the little bush town grow and develop into the modern town that it is today.

I was first licensed in 1978 as VK8NJM, upgraded in 1981 to VK8TM and also hold an extra class, KG0ML.  We lived on 16 acres south of town for 12 years, and Dell says I put up so many antennas I killed the grass (lack of sunlight).  We are now reduced to living on the golf course with one 23-metre tower and a TH6DXX with an inverted L for 160m hanging off it.  It tunes nicely for all the other bands.

I enjoy trying out antennas, SSB rag chewing and mobiling.  I'm on 70cm to 160m and try all the digital modes.

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Hi.  I'm Curly Sterling, born in Queensland, Australia.

In my last year of high school we had to see a career advisor.  He asked me what did I want to be.  I replied, 'I have no idea.  Can I try a few jobs out and find one I like?  Then I'll come back and talk career paths with you.'  29 years later I still haven't found the job I would like to do for the rest of my life.

I've stayed single all of my life by good luck and bad management.  This means the only curbs on my pastimes are work and money.

By some act of perversity I like lots of water activities.  Fishing, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving etc.  So I came to live in the arid heart of Australia!  And this trip we are about to embark on is pushing all of my feel good buttons.

PS  I am 21 and some months old.  True.

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