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  Picture Parade

Here are some pictures of our trip.  We've picked out images that we think impart the essence of the expedition. 

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The Catamaran, Tearaway which will be taking us out to the islands.  It's a hard life!

Travelling in style on 'Tearaway'.  Off for a peaceful cruise ... what innocents we were at this stage!

Drummer boy.

 Land ahoy?

Land Ahoy!.jpg (23150 bytes)

Beautiful Browse Island.  It looks like a jewel in the tropical sea.

Aerial view of Browse Island.

Radio shack.  Browse style!

Radio Shack - Browse Style.jpg (16185 bytes)

Calling World.jpg (20857 bytes)

Calling the world!

Operators and Skipper.

Operators & Skipper.jpg (21079 bytes)

Wally at Work.jpg (23679 bytes)

Wally at work!

Sunset at Browse.

Sunset, Browse Sept 2000.jpg (23963 bytes)

Beached on Browse Sept 2000.jpg (23816 bytes)


Dan, checking out a new mooring point.

Dan, Checking Out A New Mooring Point.jpg (22687 bytes)

Dug-in.jpg (20993 bytes)

Inspecting the foundations!

Navy to the rescue.

Navy To The Rescue.jpg (19567 bytes)

Goodbye to Browse.jpg (17414 bytes)

Goodbye to Browse.

Fishermen and the Spanish Windlass come to Kevin's rescue!

Fishermen & the Spanish Windlass.jpg (19823 bytes)

Final Push.jpg (20428 bytes)

One more push!  This was the manpower that got Kevin back afloat and on his way home.  Thanks a million, guys. 

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