VectorFox is my latest project to incorporate a PC into the fox hunting environment. VectorFox is able to take inputs from up to 5 sources, such as a 2m beam, a 2m signal meter, a TDOA, etc, and display the results on the screen. From these results the operator can choose which indication is best and have a line drawn on the map in the direction of the signal.

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The TDOA (time difference of arrival) project uses 2 switched dipole antennas and a wave front detection circuit to show the direction of a hidden transmitter.

Also on this page is full circuit details for a Twin TDOA using two centre zero meters and 2 antenna arrays.

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Based on a circuit from Joe Leggio (WB2HOL) Project Page
TDOA project


Rotor hunter is a PC based fox hunting system. The system uses 2 directional antennas, an electric motor and a lap top computer to display the direction of a hidden transmitter.

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Rotor hunter

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