Short reports of my portable 160 metre operations on the AM 11 am
Coffee break nets. De Lionel VK3NM/VK6DC

Point Lonsdale -     Very good results into Melbourne most of the stations above S7.
Philip Island -         Due to very bad powerline interference only one station was worked
Mentone Beach -    Most stations good signals however some of the stations in the western
                               suburbs were bit on the weak side.
Lake Corangamite - Being a long way out of Melbourne some of the stations on AM were
                               up to S6-7 I had to change over to SSB for reliable contacts.
Port Melbourne -    This time I was hoping to get to the end of Station pier but when I was
                               refused I operated from a car park with mixed results with some power
                               line interference.
Wantirna -              Very good results to most of the stations.
Portarlington -       About the best location for portable 160 metre portable operation with
                               most of the station S9 plus.
Mornington -          Again very good from Snapper point pier with good signals.
Mt Dandenong -     Most of the stations very strong at this elevated location 600M A.S.L.
Altona Foreshore -  Good signals from most stations with some interference from Magic 693
                                and 3XY local Radio stations.
Johns Hill Lookout - near Menzies Creek in the Dandenongs is a good QTH with great views
                                 of the Yarra Valley worked well for 160 metres with good signals from
                                 stations from up to 80 Kms west of Melbourne.
Portsea  -                 Very good signals from everyone on the 11am 160m AM net and had a very
                                good SSB contact to Grant VK2AXB just after sunrise.
East Melbourne -   Due to heavy electrical noises only a few of the stations were readable.
Brighton Beach Pier - Jack VK3WWW and Myself got on air just before Sunrise with no early
                                   SSB contacts but a lot of stations were worked on the 1843 khz AM net
                                   using a half wave dipole with most stations being very strong.
South Morang - 200 yards down from the ACMA receiving station, All stations on the net Q5 with
                          signals from S3 to S9 plus.
You Yangs nat park - Not very good results only 3 stations over S7 on this very hot day.

                 Reports of my other 160 Metre portable operations

Spotswood -          Operated under the Callsign of VK3WIA for the 2005 RD contest from
                               the car park of the Science Works and Museum with contacts to VK2, VK3,
                              VK5, and VK7 during the evening on SSB.
City Beach -          Perth VK6, Did not make any contacts but heard some VK5s and VK3s
                              up to S7.

            Sound files of my portable 160 metre transmissions from various locations

Recording of Me on 160 metres from Snapper Point and Mt Dandenong recorded by Dave VK3ASE in Caulfield


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